I Cry Tears, For You Were Perfect

(A/N: I got the idea for this after I heard on interview on the radio with an American World War ll Veteran.)

All alone crouching in the snow

I see, and know how you feel,

The same as I but fighting for another cause

I see you stand, but make no move

I know you see me

In the same position as you

Move closer and raise your gun,

No words were needed to define what must happen-

Certain death must come

An instant before I make my move

I see your face, you were perfect

Blink, I said, hoping it's a dream

Blonde, blue-eyed, fair skinned

Attractive, the perfect Aryan

Hitler would be proud

Then your were gone

For I had pulled the trigger-

Kill or be killed

That night I was numb

I was still alive,

However narrowly

The following night, I awoke

Tears in my eyes, I wonder

What was he like?

Do his parents know?

And I cry, for you were perfect