We lived in a world of innocence
where pain was just an illusion.
We thought it would never be broken
but perfection is never timeless.
With a vengeance, it pulled us into desperation,
and in a sense, this chaos turned to tragedy.

We were standing there, staring at the tragedy
with not another thought of innocence
in this place filled with desperation
and the pain that is no longer an illusion.
The beauty that was there is not timeless
just like the mirrors that are broken.

We know the lives are ruined and broken
lying on the floor as victims in this tragedy
and those memories may be timeless.
The cries of sadness chase away innocence
and we can no longer pretend in that illusion
because it caused all of this desperation.

We finally give up fighting the desperation
as it holds all of us, bruised and broken.
We still want to believe in the illusion
that erases every part of the tragedy
but this is not a world of innocence
and minutes roll by, still not timeless.

We thought memories would be timeless,
trapping us in our very own desperation
forcing us to forget the innocence
that could never be broken
and we finally dismiss that tragedy,
living in our faltering illusion.

We let the rain hit us, like the illusion,
like the confusions that are timeless
as we regret what became of the tragedy
controlling us with desperation
and we look around this world, broken
like everything we lost, that innocence.

We thought we knew innocence
and the difference between its tragedy
but, in a sense, we were just broken.