You knew from the first moment she'd break your heart

The way she walked, quiet grace

Like a painting of November

Dark hair, dark eyes, dark shirt

Splash of neon, clinging cloth – striped tights

The way she dances in the mall

Catches your arm and laughs so lightly

So that you throw aside your dignity and follow

Knowing she looks beautiful – you look stupid

When she's with you you're delirious, drunk, desperate

And you want her – so bad her touch is painful

Till it feels like the scent of her perfume – so faint – will drown you

Cause she's one of those girls

You knew from the first moment she'd break your heart

Her first words to you – "Its raining"

The warm weight on your stomach as she sprawls across you

The ache as you cradle your head against her arm

Knowing and not caring that she's using you

Anything to keep her – it doesn't matter, now, if it's hopeless

Cause once you've given up she'll look at you – just soft enough

To catch repeated history as it tumbles to the ground

She's ohmygoshsogorgeous and when she says "I love you…"

It doesn't matter if she's joking, if she's teasing, if she's toying with your mind

First she is your friend, you tell yourself…don't you wish that were enough

She'll break your heart again, and all the sleepless nights and angry tears in the world won't change that

Cause she's one of those girls…

And you knew she'd break your heart.

A/N i am still pissed at fictionpress' idea of "spacing"