I don't remember the landscape of yesterday
It was a strange and violent place
I had dreams of the invasion of Italy
I felt like I was in outer space
I don't remember the tortuous highways
I don't remember the pain I was not spared
I lay flat, and I was lying down sideways
I couldn't get myself to sleep, I did not dare

I don't remember the horrors of summertime
Nostalgia takes a heavy toll
I will discuss it with you some other time
It's just an instinct but I feel less whole
Disorientated and tired of living
This sickness it keeps me wondering why
I wish that I were less forgiving
I wish that I could see the sky

I don't recall what made me feel right
I just know that I'm failing fast
This weakness turns day into night
This weakness, it cannot last
I don't remember the dreams I needed
It's painful now, to confess to the end
The promises and warnings unheeded
I know that soon I will descend

And I can't conjure up
To stay or to go