Mistakes and Misunderstandings:

written and sent
into something so untangible
wondering who will find it
friends at first
no complications.
then craziness
insane, writing, over and over
everything, feelings and such
then exposure
and then falling apart.
and JG gets forgotten.
hurt, pain and distrust
for once not on my part.
for others
and it's my fault.
so i've become just like one of them.
hating myself for it.
apologies over and over again
won't change it all
and now the wall is being built back up
fear closes in
until someone else walks by
with a key
to her heart that will let the walls
crumble back down
and open up, vulnerable
to the outside world
vulnerable to feeling
the pain, hurt, distrust
like she caused other people
not so long ago.
but for now, the wall has been rebuilt
and JG is no longer.
for herself, she comes close to tears,
closing a part of her
that she was just getting to know
but change occurs
and she has to just
let it

Can you guess why I wrote it? Actually wrote it yesterday when I was in more of a mood than I am now, so yeah...