Castalle Relimion

Castalle is a 5'7 foot tall half-red dragon half-drow elf. She's got fiery red-orange bangs and the bottom of her hair is also red-orange, but mostly her hair is an off white color. Her hair goes all the way down to the middle of her back and is constantly growing. Castalle's hands and feet are clawed and scaled. She, like the drow, can see in the dark when need be. Castalle's has very wide, large, scaly red dragon's wings that she constantly hides, preferring to walk on the ground than being shot at for being mistaken for a demon.

She's got a sword made out of silver and adamantine that looks like a very big version of a cougar's fang. The swords' edges are coated in fire, so it looks like you've got a sword that's always coated with lighted gasoline. She has a dagger sheathed in her left boot that she uses when cutting plants for healing herbs.

Castalle's temper is half-and-half of both her heritages. Short, sarcastic, with an aura of fiery rage about her comes from her dragon half and short and witty…and well, short comes from her drow half. She's quick to attack and quick to lose it if her familiar, Reiku doesn't keep her in check. She picks fights for no reason to people she doesn't particularly like at all.

Castalle is also withdrawn and distrusts anyone for long periods of time that isn't Reiku. That is because of her early life and the fact that even when she went away, she was distrusted, so she never really stayed anywhere long. She tenses fairly quickly and doesn't feel the need to relax and have fun the way normal people do. She's shy but she can be stubborn and very hardheaded so it takes a while for her to be persuaded. And the thing she hates the most is being saved, especially since she knows she can take care of herself.

Castalle always keeps her feelings on guard, thinking that there are those who wish to see her dead if she even thought about showing her heritage. She thinks of people as racist and prejudice ((for good reason)), which is hypocritical because she's also prejudice, but that comes from having everybody from before distrust her so much.

She's got freestyle fighting, constantly learning new moves, because she learned more about the magics…and even that she didn't complete because of the death of her teacher and the distrust of the villagers in the village she was living in.

Castalle wears brown leather armor and a brown cloak that is ragged and patched up constantly. Her cloak has a cloth mask that covers up the lower half of her face while the hood of her cloak covers up the rest. Under her cloak are her wings that wrap around her bodice. Under her armor are lavender leggings and a tunic. She wears magical gloves that make her claw-like hands seem like normal elvish hands. It's the same with her boots.

Because Castalle life is longer than any elf whatsoever, but shorter than all dragons, she'll probably live to see a millennia and a half, probably two ((so she's pretty young at the moment…)). Her growth span is more like her drow heritage and is particularly small for a half-dragon ((So she maybe a child to others, but she looks and thinks like an adult)).

Castalle's powers are very great and can only be put to its full power by using her sword, named Vress'lve. A long time ago when she was barely adopted with her teacher, he had taken her power and locked it away in a crystal globe. A few years later the drow raided the village and took it without knowing what it did. When Castalle grew up and pretended to be a drow priestess for an assignment, she befriended a drow smithy and she made the fang for Castalle. The smithy combined her magic with Castalle's harnessed one and put it into the sword, then she gave it to Castalle. After the gift, Castalle was forced to leave back to the surface and the smithy died. The thing is, Castalle, now that she's got back all her powers, she can't go without the blade, if she does, she starts to lose a part of herself…It's like the only thing keeping her sane and alive. Why she didn't need it before is because she really didn't need it until she hit puberty.

Castalle's been in love once before with an elf, but he traded her for a newer one. She left because he was the only thing keeping her with the organization of runaways. Without the support of the leader and friend she fled and never looked back.

Castalle not very good with children, especially the too-cute-and-innocent-but- annoying-types. Nonetheless, her maternal instincts come in and she treats them like a mother would that particular child.

She has two companions that constantly show up out of nowhere and one of them is Artis Demonfire ((Friend ED's main character…this is usually in an RP)) and Rendon ((Another friend's character, Ally, that is usually in an RP too)). Castalle doesn't really like the two of them, but they always show up out of nowhere…they're like everywhere she doesn't want them to be. Castalle especially like Rendon for being a "convict" which is not technically true because he was never really caught, but he is a rouge and an assassin. Artis and Rendon constantly get into battles of the wits, in which case, Artis never wins and Castalle becomes either terribly annoyed or somewhat amused. Mostly annoyed though.

Right now Castalle has met two other half-dragons, but even though the three of them ((Castalle included )) are the same race, they are still different races of dragon, and therefore are not like her. One is a Gold-human inbred and is a fighter. The other is a Silver-human inbred and is a sorcerer. At the moment they're trying to defeat a shade that's targeting Castalle.

((A/N: If you want to read the parts that has the half dragon kind in it, it's called Shadow in the Night... Tell me what you think of her...))