The unexpected

Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: This one is a sad one. I hope you brought your hankies. I wanted to write a story about loss, and I came out with this. I hope you'll enjoy it. Don't forget to RR. Laters.

You were an unexpected surprise

But still, I really loved you

I thought about our future together

And all the things we'd do

At first I was a little bit timid

And yes I was afraid

I had to plan out the rest of our lives

The decision had been made

I would stay with you forever

And raise you up the right, I say

I'd teach you the values of life

And guide you along the way

I was ever so anxious

To see if you had my eyes

You were my unexpected gift

I somehow realized

Oh you should've really seen

All the trinkets that I bought

All the lil baby toys

And clothing that I sought

I was just so ready to see

Your pretty smile so big

I didn't know if you were a girl or boy

I just knew that you were my kid

And I loved you so very much

Even though I didn't know your name

All I knew, was that you were mine

And that we were one in the same

But then on one fateful day

I seemed to lose it all

It started off as tiny cramps

But I had to make that call

I dialed 911 in a hurry

Afraid of my stomach pains

The ambulance came and carted me off

And I knew that things had changed

My heart was beating really fast

And my temperature had dropped low

You may have come as a sweet surprise

But I didn't want you to go

The rest of the day I don't remember

I don't know when they took you away

On that cold night in December

My love was far away

I didn't get to say goodbye

Or look into your eyes

You'll never know how much I loved you so

Or how many tears I've cried

So goodbye my sweet lil angel

And just know that you meant so much

Just know that you'll always stay in my heart

My lil angel that I could'nt touch