Scratch it

This quiet night is twisting it away

Fatigue is clogging my brain.

Ha! So typical it'd be night once again

A candy filled bag of scoop 'n' go

A dictionary of words lent

and purchased by the tongue which does not speak.

Diaries require a key

And hangers are there

to hang up clothes

Not to hang up your memories

And close the wardrobe door.


Music is soothing

gives words to the thoughts you

could never speak.

What's wrong with my world?

No, it's wrong with your world.

Now pick up that pen

be a good little child.

Feathers are floating from the sky;

A plucked bird or

a heavenly gift.


Understand this world

How can you understand this world when

You don't even understand yourself.

There was something I needed

to tell you

Important right;

but it slipped through my mind.


Friendship, no, I'm just using you

See I know you don't like me

But I'm stuck here now

Make good of a bad situation

This is my wakeup call

Alarm buzzed late

But the phones have been disconnected

And yes my house is infected.

See pots should not call

The kettle black

Just simmer down, no?

I'll go get you some cold water.


Times change

but people change faster

The smokescreens finally

cleared and accidents

Still happen

This is probably an apology

Or maybe its just a goodbye

Dawns slowly approaching

And the heavens are splitting

Their colourful words and cries

Framing the horizon

Bathing it and quelching it

Purpled bruises on a sunny exterior

The darkness is still there just

out of sight

and out of mind

till the next night.