Queen of my latent passion

Hand me another glass with a smile

Dance for me a little

Whore, my lover, my escape

And with your cheap extensions

I paint the portrait of a stranger

Sexually demanding, hungering for more than a hollow encounter

Sugar queen

Acid trips are for the sane, you say

And when you smell of old men and cheap wine

I only hope you charged your worth

Sleepless nights, bitter without fail

Ripped fishnets tell the story of an eternity

You stand 5'9, stilettos shine a merciless lure

Eyes of pure lunacy

You take me without a thought

We pretend we're royalty

In a luxurious bed, in the east tower of a spacious castle

Instead of the filth infested motel 8 on fourth ave.

Cigarette butts, candles of our parody

Needles, exhausted ecstasy telling the floor our secrets

Sweat washing away a hard night's work

And you my beauty take me places unknown

Flattered by the price reduction

And choice of flavors

Princess of the hourly rate

Queen of my latent passion

Without goodbyes you depart

Leaving me stuck in your ghastly vivacity

And with your last stare, I paint the portrait of a stranger.

AN: this is dedicated to Maxi, it reminded me of you when I wrote it, I have no Idea why but it did, maybe because of mirage? But I'm very proud of this; I think I did a superb job.