I've Been Waiting by writerforever

Dedicated to Jesus : ).

You changed my world

When You offered me Your loving hand

As we traveled together

On this road called life

You promised me you'd be with me forever

But at some point my heart turned to ice

I strayed from You

The voice of the cunning serpent called my name

And I followed him away from You

I was used, abused, and alone

Left to rot in the streets

No longer could I stand the pain

No longer could I be away from You

So I returned to You

But I was afraid You wouldn't take me back

But just when I thought all hope was lost

I heard You say:

Come to me sweet child of mine

Come and let me hold you

Because I've been waiting for you

Come and let me wipe the tears from your eyes

Because I've been waiting for this moment

I've been waiting a long time now

To see your face

I've been waiting

To give you an embrace

You are mine

And I am Yours

So if you ever leave again

I'll be waiting right here

Always waiting…