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White Rose

Legend of Sacrifice

Chapter Twenty-Four - A Death To Remember! Legend Continues?

"I'm afraid it did not work," they all heard the Demon Lord say. Adam coughed and waved the smoke away from him. It was hard to see anything so Aoru blew the smoke away with her powers. Still there, the Demon Lord stared at his hands. "This isn't good. I believe the artifacts have already used most of their powers when you were saying the spell to get me away from the Linford."

"Well, this totally sucks," Diana suddenly said. They all looked at her, surprised she understood the spirit. She stared back. "What? I know Demonese. It's required if you're going to become a seer."

Destiny rolled her eyes. "Coulda told us that earlier."

Diana shrugged before giving a grin. "It was fun watching Nan suffer from having to repeatedly translate."

Nancy glared at her and huffed, crossing her arms and looked away. She could never stay mad at her friends for long, though. Eddie shook his head before asking, "So, what can we do? If the artifacts have used up most of their powers helping us already, how are we going to send Voldy back to Hell or wherever the demons were banished to."

"Wait, you understand Demonese too!?" Destiny cried out. The blond nodded and Destiny cried out. "Am I the only one who doesn't!?"

Eddie pointed to Adam. "There's Addy."

"He doesn't count," she immediately snapped.

"Well, I suppose, since we don't have enough power to send him back, he's just going to have to wander about Earth," Ashi said seriously.

"Oh, that would be nice. I've been sleeping when that guy—Akuhei, was it?—decided to summon me." The Demon Lord looked like he had been granted access to the candy shop. "I've been curious on how things have changed after a few thousand years."

"A lot," Nancy replied. The Demon Lord nodded and flew out of the circle and next to her. The Tamer looked at him, surprised and confused.

"You're good company," was all he said to the silent query. Nancy opened her mouth to press the point but decided not to.

"Still doesn't explain why you tried to kill them when you inhabited Adam's body," Aoru demanded, crossing her arms and looking very angry.

"Ah... I am easily influenced by evil so whatever evil the Linford had influenced me and I acted upon it." Diana relayed the answer to the Wind Tamer but she still looked skeptical. The Demon Lord didn't notice and turned to Nancy and said, "How is Suerlia by the way?"

Nancy choked on air and coughed, thumping her chest to calm herself. It wasn't often someone ask of how the other elemental demon was doing within her. "Ah... fine."

"Fine?" Even the Demon Lord looked unconvinced.

Fine? Suerlia repeated, pissed beyond all reason and also startling the young girl; she had been so quietly lately that Nancy felt like the demoness no longer occupied her body. Tell him that I'm pissed at him for letting that Yurona-damned energy to corrupt him and trap me inside Kianna!!

Nancy cleared her throat and nodded. "Yeah. She understands that the 'Yurona-damned energy' corrupted you."

/Kouyou-sama, you shouldn't lie like that./

'I was not lying! I was merely...para-phrasing, Aisu.'

The Demon Lord chuckled and shook his head. "Definitely Suerlia, even after all these years, she's still the same."

It was then when Destiny cleared her throat. Everyone turned to look at her, expecting her to say something important. "Shouldn't we be getting out of here? Not that I don't mind the fact that Voldy isn't killing us, but I'd rather get out of this cave and go back home and take a shower, if you don't mind."

Eddie laughed and shook his head, throwing an arm around the angel's shoulders. "Come on. Let's get going."

As the others walked out, with Destiny, Nancy, and the Demon Lord lingering behind, the angel looked back, feeling as if something wasn't right. She stopped walking, causing Nancy (and indirectly the spirit) to stop.

"Des...?" the Tamer said, tilting her head to the side a little bit.

"Nan," Destiny turned back to look directly at her. "Didn't you say once, when we were in Mitsukai, that Dylan and Ryuke died?"

"Yeah..." Nancy said slowly, wondering what her twin was talking about.

"Then shouldn't Eddie and Addy be died as well?" the angel questioned. "As the legend was suppose to be repeated."

"Well, the Demon Lord," Nancy gestured to the spirit next to her, "had been banished, sent to the Makai. However, something happened just at first to cause him to not be sent back. I suppose, Eddie and Addy wouldn't be dead."

"But wouldn't—" Destiny stopped herself, deciding to drop the subject. Nancy looked at her, worried. "Never mind. Let's just go."

Nancy nodded slowly and the three of them hurried to catch up with the others who were probably outside by now.


"You know, we still don't know your name," Nancy pointed out to the spirit who was currently sitting up on the branch of the cherry blossom she was sitting under.

They had all gone back to Mitsukai as they didn't want to return home just yet. Aoru, Ashi, and Keisuke had decided to go back to the Ikeda estate later after lunch. Diana had gone to the library to do some researching about something she wouldn't tell the rest of them. Adam, Eddie, and Destiny were somewhere doing whatever. Nancy had gone to the garden and had been taking a small nap under her favorite tree when she had felt the Demon Lord near her.

"Well, us demons aren't suppose to reveal our real names for whoever holds our names binds us to them," the spirit began saying.

"Isn't that the same with dragons?" Nancy asked, fascinated by this fact. She hadn't read anything about this in the books she had about demons, which had all been destroyed in the Cultural Revolution, shortly after the Demonic Revolution that banished all the demons away. Her library was one of the few who were still well-informed about demons and the like.

"Yes, it's similar. Anyway, those who knows of our names are often our mates and those we truly trust," the spirit answered, looked down at her.

Nancy nodded, understanding what he had said. Names were important and she knew that a demon (and dragon) could not reveal their true names for fear of it being used back against them. "I see. So, you got a name I can call you by instead of just 'Voldy?'"

The Demon Lord chuckled and there seemed to be something sparkling in his eyes, despite the fact he's a spirit. Nancy looked up, wondering what he found humorous. "Ah, but I never said I wasn't going to tell you."

If Nancy had been walking, she would have tripped and fallen down. Since she wasn't, she settled for gaping. "Wha—what? Didn't you say you guys don't reveal things like that unless you trust them and/or is their mate?!"

"If you didn't trust me, you wouldn't have let me have a direct opening to kill you," he pointed out with a smirk, sounding pleased with himself. "And since you trust me and you haven't done anything for me to hate you, I trust you."

"You give trust out too freely," the Tamer pointed out, crossing her arms.

"Do you want to know or not?" he asked calmly. Nancy thought for a while before nodding. He smiled. "It's—"

"NANCY! NANCY!" Nancy jumped looked around, wondering who was yelling that loud. The Demon Lord sighed and jumped down, landing perfectly and calmly on the glass on his two feet. He had wanted to tell her but now, they have to wait for another time.

"Who is that?" Nancy asked, taking a few steps towards the mansion.

"I do believe that's the one you call Destiny," the spirit answered. "She sounds like she's in trouble."

"Yeah... she does." The Tamer then saw the girl running towards her and she hurried towards the angel. Destiny shook the Tamer by the shoulders.

"Bad! Addy and Eddie are in pain! They're screaming like hell and their reine are showing and it's dimming!!" she exclaimed, going hysterical. "You gotta help me!!"

"Destiny, perhaps you should let Nancy breathe so she can help you," the spirit suggested. Nancy quickly translated what he said as best as she could with limited air supply; what he said was true anyway. The angel obeyed and Nancy took deep breathes. She then turned serious.

"Okay. Lead the way," and the three of them quickly rushed to where the two boys were.


Destiny didn't know what to do. They had gone back to Mitsukai and she and the only two boys (other than Ashi but he was a man so it didn't count) had found the stairs that led up to the attic. Curious on what Nancy could possibly have up there, they had gone up and were greeted by dust, boxes, and more dust. Destiny had found a large photo album and had opened to the first page when she suddenly heard two screams. She had immediately turned around and saw that Adam and Eddie were kneeling on the dusty floor, looking much and acting like when the Demon Lord had come out of Adam.

She had looked around, wondering what could possibly caused such a reaction, when their reine started being apparent and glowing around them. This only caused the two to scream even louder and Destiny was surprised no one had come up to investigate the problem. At lost of what to do, she decided to do the thing that came first in her mind: go to Nancy.

So here she was again, this time with Nancy and her spiritual companion (who, in the angel's view, had become quite suspiciously attached to the Tamer in such a small amount of time), and watched helplessly as Nancy tried to go towards them, only to be stopped by an invisible shield. Nancy knocked the air and came across the shield.

"Well?" Destiny asked nervously.

"It would seem Addy's raised up his shield again. Quite a strong one too," Nancy concluded after having summoned her ice sword and failed to pierce it. It disappeared, as if it evaporated, and Nancy continued knocking against the now faint blue shield. "Nothing we can do until Addy decides we're not a threat. He probably subconsciously put the shield up since he is in pain."

"And the fact that Edward's in pain," the spirit added. Nancy whipped around to look at him. "I was able to gain access into some of Adam's memories when I had been in his body. He really loves that Guardian. He even said he would do whatever to ensure that no harm would come to him. Even swore to kill himself if I ever killed the boy."

"What? What did he say?" Destiny asked immediately. She saw Nancy hesitate giving a rough translation of what he said. "Oh."

Destiny took a look at Adam, the Chosen One. So he loved Eddie that much? The angel went to Nancy, who stared at her, confused. Destiny gave a small smile, determined to not show her best friend how she really felt.

"Any other ideas?" Destiny asked, turning to look at the two boys inside the shield.

Nancy shook her head, placing a hand on the shield. There really was nothing she can do. The shield was too powerful to break; it was one that had been formed by the heart, after all. Something sparkled from the corner of her eye and she turned to see a necklace that was within the shield and lying on the floor by Eddie's head. The necklace had been one that had been in her family for generations. The 'silver chain' was really the hair of a silver fox demon and the pendant was a single tear-gem from the fox demon who had been a mix of an ice demon and a fox demon who controlled plants.

It was said to have been a gift when the fox demon had come across an ancestor of hers and was saved by him. Of course, not much was known, but Nancy knew enough to know that the necklace absorbed all the reine of the one who touched it and that it was originally in a small box that served as a ward.

"And he took it out," Nancy realized, not knowing she had spoken out loud. "Oh, shit."

Destiny turned to her. "What? What is it? Nan—"

"Shhh," Nancy said to her. The black-haired girl did not like calling upon her, mainly because she hated disturbing her peace, especially when she deserved her rest. Also, it was because it was a bit weird asking for help from a deceased demon spirit. "Shinju-san."

Destiny looked at the Tamer, confused, before looking at the Demon Lord who only shrugged. The two of them continued to watch Nancy, watching what she would do to get out of this problem.

"Shinju-san," the Tamer repeated. This time, the air seemed to waver and Destiny felt a distinct shiver going down her spine. "Shinju-san, if you can hear me, can you please get your necklace away from the two boys?"

The air seemed to grow colder and Destiny wondered who she was talking to. She then yelped and jumped up when she noticed that a necklace had suddenly teleported into Nancy's palm. "Waah! What the—how did that happen?"

The Tamer immediately dropped the necklace into a box that Destiny knew hadn't been there before. Nancy closed it and sighed. "When I said to get it away, I didn't mean give it to me, but never mind that. Their reine are gone, Des."

"What?" the angel breathed out before taking a look at the two boys. Nancy shook her head and gestured at the air around them.

"Look." Destiny did so and noticed that the blue shield had disappeared. Her eyes widened and immediately rushed to Eddie and Adam. She checked their pulse: nothing.

"H-how...?" Destiny asked, tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

Nancy placed the box that contained the necklace on a shelf. "The tear-gem latched onto the closest ones who had reine: Eddie and Addy. It was unfortunate, but we can't do anything about it."

Destiny traced the jaw line of Eddie wistfully; she hadn't been able to tell him that she still loved him, and now she never could. She sighed and looked up to see her twin leaning against the shelf with the Demon Lord hovering slightly next to her. Nancy noticed the look and her face softened. "You still loved him."

Destiny sighed and nodded slowly. Nancy shook her head. "I'm not Diana. She may disapprove of Eddie but I don't really care who you love, as long as they don't harm you. Besides, the legend has continued."

Destiny looked confused. "What?"

Nancy gave a rueful smile. "Dylan and Ryuke died. Now, Addy and Eddie died. The legend has come full circle and I'm sure there's something in the library that might help us. Who knows, there could have been an event we didn't know about."

Destiny slumped her shoulders and gave her friend a thankful smile. The angel knew the other girl was trying to cheer her up and she was grateful for it. Destiny bent down and planted a gentle kiss on Eddie's lips before lifting him up. "Come on. We need a proper burial for these two."

Nancy groaned. "Joy. I have to carry Addy."

Destiny laughed and grinned at the Tamer. "I carry my love and you can carry... uh..."

"The leftovers," Nancy said, grimacing. She was never a fan of touching dead bodies, even though she had been an assassin.

Destiny laughed again before going down. She didn't bother staying to make sure Nancy would carry Adam's body for she knew the young Tamer would; she had an honor code, after all. The young angel looked down at the one in her arms. He looked peaceful, like he hadn't gone under intense pain earlier before. If she didn't know better, she would have thought he was sleeping.

"And the legend continues..." Destiny whispered.


In another world, the light of a white rose faded gradually before the rose itself evaporated into particles of light, no one knowing what ever happened to it.

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