There's something powerful and amazing that we have to do. Whether you believe in God or not, or maybe you don't know what you believe, we can make miracles. But one teenager on the street giving an old Vietnam vet something to eat isn't enough. This isn't Pay it Forward. This isn't something you'll see on TV. This is life. We can write a poem. We can make a movie. We can sing a song. But that won't be enough. We can say prayers. We can start groups. We can talk about how much we want change. But that won't be enough. We need to be the first generation who lets go. We need to forget about sex and video games and U2 and earrings and tattoos and love and God and money and happiness and houses and cars and superheroes and dirty dishes and swimming pools and footballs and prom dresses. We need to throw out the dictionaries in our heads and step outside and looks at the sun and the earth and stand there till night and redefine for ourselves what it means to live. We need to look out into the world and find the one thing that we don't think is right and we need to go there and change it. We need to crash into each others dreams and we need to believe in something other than ourselves.