I would like to capture this moment in a ziploc bag

You would melt away and reappear like a hologram of the past

This meditation is a child's foolish dream,

Intangible, yes, but effervescent and rare, I imagine

Everything. The stars and stripes and dots that check my palms

And fold them into matching angels, they're turning colors

Brighter than oblivion. Brighter than the balls of fire that line your murky universe

And fade away like the stars in your eyes

Are burning brightly as you cry. I'm learning maybe we've slipped past

The saving point. There's just no connection between innocence and

Emptiness. Oh, I'm just a person in love

With hiding under sheets and blankets and smiles and you

are my nothing. And my everything. Is shimmering like that last

Breath under sheets of slippery ice, the peace that comes just before you drown.

My sympathy has shifted; the cloaked victim revealed has me concerned.

And as I swim here and smile, I'd like a Pandora box. If you