Death to all who crossed his path,

Unstable was his mind.

The doctors said he was forever gone,

And always he thrashed about.

They threw him in the fun box,

Said he'd be there till death.

But she would not give up,

It was her who knew him best.

She went to him everyday,

Talked to him with reason.

And he was calm around her,

Almost human even.

But visiting hours left,

And she was taken from him.

More screams and cries and threats,

For without her he was nothing.

But everyday she did return,

And for a time he rested.

So he lived on in his cell,

Waiting for her visit.

But one day she did not come,

And his heart felt torn in two.

She died a sudden death,

Some drunk had found a gun.

But still true love lived on,

And he was still silent as if she had come.