Wake Up

Falling further into despair,
I can not escape this pit.
My hand hold that lasted for so long
finally has split.

The darkness is consuming,
the light I can not reach.
I fly forever towards it,
but this chasm I can not breach.

Will I fall forever?
I can not find the end.
But when I do and where I do
for death my soul shall send.

A shadow appears above me,
a ledge juts out below.
I hear a voice calling,
and for once I see no foe.

The shadow is so far away,
yet the voice seems near.
It continues to call out my name
and this voice I do not fear.

I feel arms around me,
but these are not of ghosts.
This embrace is warm and caring,
the arms of he I love most.

Yes, I recognize the voice.
It is calling me back from the dark.
I see a hand reach out to me
and so disappears the Mark.

I watch the Satanic symbols
melt before my eyes.
I look up again and see a mask,
a part of my rescuer's disguise.

He smiles down at me,
erasing all traces of doubt.
Waiting no longer I grasp his hand
and with one strong tug he pulls me out.

My eyes snap open and I sit up.
I am finally free.
I look down to see him sleeping,
the one who saved me from my dream.

He is awake now and I'm surprised to see
tear marks on his cheeks.
I slowly reach out to him, wondering why,
and touch the mysterious streaks.

"I love you," he said, "so much it hurts.

When you weren't breathing, I thought you dead."

His words freed my heart,

And so I kissed him, finally free from the life of dread.