The times we spent together,

The laughter that we shared.

All those tears we shed together

The times when we were scared.

Laughing over goldfish,

Playing cards for gum.

Swimming through the river,

Canoe expedition undone.

Laughing joking crying.

All the ups and downs.

We only had a month together

But still we were as one.

Quick to forgive, fast to forget,

Our fighting was non-existent.

Talks over life,

Of troubles we had.

The best remedy was each other.

Separated by colors,

Colors of red and blue.

Breakfast buddies forevermore,

Competition together too.

No matter who came in,

No matter who went out,

Always we were together,

Through thick, thin, and soccer classes.

Always I treasured you,

We understood each other.

Only we saw through our facades,

And only with each other.

You are my best friend,

So may we never part.

And I hope to see you soon,

For one month a year just isn't enough.