You're a freak

Resounding in my soulSo messed up,
Abused by my inner
demons telling me

I'm nothing,
That no one cares,
My family would
disown me if they knew.

Just turn me off
and fix me.
Replace, rip out,
out moded and out dated,
Don't leave me to whither
just pull my fucking plug.

A broken toy,
The demons tell me.
Thrown in a corner
gathering dust,
My plastic naive
grin never fading....

You're so broken
just die already
No one cares...
No one,
You're all alone
Just go die all ready.

I'm just so lost,
so many things
all so fast.

Depression is half way through
the front door
Masochism already inside with
Homosexuality is
halfway through the back door
Pedophilia's close behind.
Pyromania's got the place doused
in kerosene,
Just waiting for the match...

You're Crazy,
don't you see?
Suicide is the answer,
the confusion goes away,
and we leave too.

Broken beyond repair,
too broken to care
Hardware's cracked
too many loose and lost parts.
Too screwed up to fix,
too tired to even try...

That's the right idea,
the worlds screwed up enough
without you stirring
up more

The truth hurts,
and the truth is I'm