Skittles in a pill bottle
sweat bands on your wrists
needle pricks dot your arm
evidence of your "cutting"

You're so depressed
You're so Emo
You're oh so Gothic
You're such a friggen' poser

Pretending you have issues
Making an illness into a
fashion statement
Like depression is a joke
Aren't you just so special
when you try to look offended
when the REAL Goths and Emos
chew you out for ruining the sub-culture
they made to get AWAY from you

You know you're fake
You know you're a joke
You know you're a poser

So dump out you're skittles
take the sweat bands off you're wrists

Stop trying to be one of us
when you're not

You're not Goth
You're not Emo
You're not depressed

And I hope all of you
wannabe's out there get
the message,
In fact if you wanna slash
your wrists,
Go head,
It'll be one less loser
in the world

I cannot stand people who think Depression or any other illness is a fashion statement.
In addition, if you go out and commit suicide because you read this, you cannot sue because if you're so impressionable I suggest you get some common sense, READ THE RATING, get a parent to read my poems before you do, or stop reading my poems all together. I don't much care what you do and I don't want someone like you reading my work anyway.
Feel free to flame, I will laugh at you're poor grammar and moronic ways. Plus I'll probably flame you back....that or feed you to a panther...