Dreaming of Another Day By Kathryn K Williams Based in part on a true story


Kris carefully steered around a stack of boxes as she entered the bedroom with a box in her arms. Over a decade had past since that day. The caretaker of the cemetery had found her sleeping and helped her home, saving her from a death of cold. Now she had grown into quite a boi. She gained enough weight so her ribs no longer showed and gave her quite a figure, when she wasn't hiding under layers of clothes. A pair of small, wire rimmed glasses were now set upon her nose. Her hair was still cut exceptionally short.

She set the box down on one of the dressers and turned to open the closet. She pulled some blankets out from the bottom of the closet and piled them in a corner then crawled back into the depths. When she emerged she held a small case in her hands. She stared at the case for a moment pondering what she put in the thing. She had been in this apartment so long she forgot many of the things she hid around the place. She carefully opened the lid to see a set of notepads from her younger days. She picked one up and flipped through the pages with a small smile on her face. She was sure she had lost these long ago. She stood up and moved a few things around in the box that she had just put down, then set the case into the box. She turned to the computer desk to see a stack of papers. Atop of the pile rested her first attempts at writing a novel. She picked up the papers and stared at them for a moment before placing them into the box as well. She took one last look around the room in search of other things that might fit in the box. Her eye fell on a small Christmas tree that sat on an end table near the bed. Under the tree, a few small gifts could be seen. She walked over to the tree and picked up one of the packages. It was a neatly wrapped box, "I love you my Prince" was written across the box in letters cut out of various newspapers. She smiled at the box before setting it back down. She then spotted a tiny black box with a shiny red ribbon wrapped around it. She picked up the box and held it in her hands. She already knew that a pair of matching wedding bands were inside of the box, for she was the one who added the ribbon.

"Love, are you in there?" A voice drifted through the door. A beautiful young lady entered the room. Shoulder length reddish-brown hair hung around her cute round face. Her big brown eyes curiously watched her lover, "What are you doing?" She asked with a smirk.

"I just wanted to look at them, Kayla. " Kris admitted in embarrassment at being caught.

Kayla walked across the room slowly shaking her head, "You are bad." She smiled while taking the box from Kris's hand, "We'll open it on our wedding day. Will you come help me with the kitchen?" She asked setting the box down behind the tree again, "We need to get packed before 'The Male' returns." She snickered. "The Male" was an old roommate of Kris's who lived in the other room. They decided it would be easiest to pack what was not being used while he was away with his family.

Kayla began to turn away when Kris wrapped her arms around the girl, "Thank you." She whispered softly into her ear.

Kayla touched Kris's arm, "For what?" She inquired.

"Everything." Kris shook with emotion. Over the years she had only recovered a little and her emotions still went out of control from time to time. Right now, there was so much running through her mind. She had been through so many hardships in the past and now she was holding her new family in her arms.

"You goof." Kayla said, "You don't have to thank me." She pulled out of Kris's arms so she could turn around and kiss the girl lightly on the lips, "Always and forever."

Kris slowly nodded struggling with the tears that wanted to overwhelm her, "I love you my preche." She confessed softly.

"I love you my prince." Kayla grinned, "By the way, mom wrote me asking when the wedding is going to be again."

"First we move." Kris proclaimed regaining control over her emotions, "Then we worry about everything else."

"As long as we are together, right?" Kayla hugged Kris tightly.

"Right." Kris returned the embrace. For once in her life she trusted everything will work out. She finally felt... at home.

"Oh!" Kayla looked up at the girl, her eyes shimmering, "Can I ask you something?" She played with her fingers and looked at the floor.

"Let me guess," Kris grinned, "Grilled Cheesy."

Kayla hopped up and down, "Please!" She exclaimed happily.

"Anything my sweet." Kris promised as she followed her love out of the room to the kitchen. Prepared to begin the another chapter of her life.

The End?

Authors Notes: This story is based on a true story. All names and places were changed to conceal their identities. This was written in an attempt to help me cope with my own insanity. If you find any errors, typos and the like feel free to email me at KathrynKatAndNekoManga.ca

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