Well now I've decided

I've got to say what scares me the most

I can't run away

And I'm standing on my own

What I've learned from the past no longer matters

The rumors I've heard won't apply

My thoughts will be questioned

And I'll get my answers

I'm praying and hoping I'll get what I long for

I hope you'll look within yourself and find out you feel the same

I hope you'll grab me and finally show me how you feel

I hope you won't lie just to save face

I can't believe I'm about to step into the fire

I'm about to break myself voulentarily

And I know this

But I have to because if I don't I'll never know

I'll miss my chance

To know if your kiss was as sweet as I thought

Or to have you hold me

To have you just be with me

And I couldn't do that

I can't miss my chance

And I especcially

Can't miss being with you

All I can do is hope that you'll grasp my hand

Look into my eyes

And say...

I'm glad you finally said something...