I forgot what city I'm in
all because of you,
all because of me
(yes I'll take some blame)
but I need a map
or some directions,
possibly, some corrections,
to get me out of this place
because I'm not with you
and I forgot, maybe,
just maybe, it was on purpose,
but how can I be sure
and it was just a game,
it's still the same
to me, to you, and to him,
did I not tell you about that,
guess it slipped my mind,
(I forgot and you hate that)
just like you did in time
just like you did to me,
and I'm not crying anymore
but I still stand by
what I said, what did I say,
so I forgot, just like always,
like the city that I am in
just because you said to stay
and I listened, for once,
now I don't know why
all of this is happening
as I am standing here, there,
on the sidewalk of this city
that I forgot.