Having been to the moon and back again,

After seeing the world through a nuclear patented spin.

Much like a merry go round on overdrive with a clown as the ringleader.

Your face and smile are pulverized by a semi nomadic thermometer.

It's closing time with a cherry sublime scent roaming off your fingertips.

The worlds much brighter now than before having been through the worst of it.

And with all the colors of a porcelain rock reflecting off your visor

It's all of the memories of a life you once had, worshiped by many, a kaiser.

As the hourglass depicts a digital readout of a certain impending splendor.

You stop and think of the worst of times, those which needed a cleanser.

And then she appears like a bat out of heaven erupting in a swan dive miracle.

The person with whom you loathed the most is the one who made life clinical.

She's down there waiting for the tube of mankind to push away all her fears.

It's as if a tidal wave had risen from all her many tears.

And if you should perish in a Phoenix flame she'd light the torch in your honor.

A sinner, a saint, a worthwhile complaint, the voice of a savior, her partner.