Earthquake, Aftershocks and Walls:

can she even be bothered to feel
when it seems like everything is crashing down
a world once so secure
now, with everything
falling, like there's been an
earthquake, shaking the
foundations of her life
nothing being spared
not her pride, her emotions, her heart
the walls are being built up
already, stronger, to withstand
the aftershocks, if they come
which they will
ghosts to haunt her
of the past
where things weren't as simple
but neither are they now
so she closes up
hiding behind the walls
but the fear is still there
maybe they'll ambush her
behind the steel walls
and trap her
until she starves
maybe they'll torture her
demanding more information
or maybe they'll just leave her
in silence
which could kill her
all she wanted was to
let it all out
and open up
and then the choice
she made
and now
she means nothing

I want to be angry, but I guess I lost the right to that when I put it up for all the world to see.