For my dear M-chan

You left

And I still miss you

I think

And remember the fun

We had

Ice cream for breakfast


Evolution and hair shampoo


And our joint stories


Queen of the Damned


Thanks to you

I love rock

Thanks to you

I write poems

Thanks to you

So many thanks to you

You know

You're stun

And may Zidane bless you

I think

And remember the shit

We said

Mostly me

The arguments and the fights

All those times

We weren't speaking

So I wanted to say

I'm sorry

For all those stupid things

And I miss you

Cause you're so far away

I can't wait to see you again


I miss you

PS: Good luck with Sean- he seems really sweet heheheh or is he gonna come bust me up cause I called him sweet? OooOOooo ...anyways hope you like this...thing...and (holy thopping!) but you cannot loose your insanity. OR ELSE I KILL! points to previous poem hahahahaha! And good luck with the hurricanes ;)