New Version…

Okay, I'm writing a new version in place of the old one. The old one, I wrote when I was wired on Switchfoot, Switchfoot, Switchfoot (The Beautiful Letdown, for the record) and maybe a little Yellowcard, hence the reference to Yellowcard in one of the chapters. This one, I am writing while I'm wired on emo music and rock and indie…it'll be awesome and a lot less head-in-the-clouds, a lot more realistic. I might throw a few emo characters in there…a little contrast, you know. Not everyone will be so totally agreeable anymore. Reviewers pointed out that the story was too happy and Belle checked out too many guys too quickly…it was so gross that upon recalling the plot…it just makes me want to throw up a little. I need some contrast and a little less confusion. SO I am technically still writing this story after like 2 years. Damn.

I'll still keep a copy of the old Switchfoot-inspired one in case any of you need to reference to it…but just for the record, I've changed some names and some events already in the first chapter alone. SO. Here's a list of characters' names that I'll be updating as I go along and rewrite and replace…in case you wanted to know. Yay.

-On the left is the new name; on the right is the old name.


Noah…Pancho (Pancho was such a stupid name. He had an even lamer original name; I forget what that was though.)