"Because Of You I Suffer"

Swallowed up; I can't breathe.

Those memories, just memories?

If you could only see me now.

These tears; everlasting falls.

Would you ever think of me; ever again?

I miss you more than you could ever know.

Nothing can brighten this facade.

Is it only intertwined in my threading?

Are you numb to the feelings; my heart?

Cold resides around the edges; indifferent.

I am limp yet pain is still felt; constantly.

Bleeding I am, like an open wound.

Cut by the bitter salt you pour; inside.

Inadvertently it spills; I am shattering.

Eyes burn at the vision; someone else.

Long forgotten I am; a recollection.

Your eyes taunt it; glances only given.

Those embraces I craved; pain silenced them.

Lips so tempting; ripped my mind to pieces.

Effortlessly I am torn apart; if only you knew.