In the midst of the stormy night

I take my shoes off and race outside

Feel the wind on my face, the rain at my back

The willing victim of a vicious attack

The chaos is calming, uninhibited, free

I'm doing my best to escape being me

Just for a moment, to look back and see

That this is life, existence is misery


Ashes to ashes

Burn me away

Dust to dust

feel my consciousness fade


The thunder's in sync with my unshielded heart

My mind is unraveling and falling apart

The answers I seek are to questions unknown

The silence taunts me as I shatter alone

Once upon a time, inside I felt whole

But that all vanished when he broke my soul

Now I've fallen, the tears wash away with the rain

As I realize this is life, to die content with my pain


Ashes to ashes

Burn me away

Dust to dust

Feel my consciousness fade


One lonely stone marks the spot where he fell

No words of remembrance are left to tell

The story of the man who was broken and lost

As he's swiftly entombed by the first winter frost


Ashes to ashes...

Dust to dust...