The white and gray pigeon

This is a true incident that happend to me...some people may think I've gone loony writing stuff like this but it's pretty scary and upsetting seeing something/someone die moments after you saw them alive...written in the heat of the please?

p.s Sorry btw to those people who don't like rhyming poetry but its my style...can't change that

- - -

My dad brought home a pigeon,

He said it was cold so we'd keep it warm,

We left it in the kitchen but it was still chilly,

So we moved it upstairs to soothe its' form.

It lay there all day, huddled under the table,

Its' red-black eyes stared back at us fearfully,

As we tried to get it to eat and drink,

But it just shuffled backwards tearfully.

The gray ruffled feathers floated onto the floor,

And it's beautiful white wings stayed closed,

Its' head was bent forward onto its' chest,

And its' legs tucked underneath it as it dozed.

During the evening, it didn't move,

Except for the occasional glance of disinterest,

We felt sorry for it so we let it sleep,

Hoping that the rest was for all the best.

But dad got worried later on,

So he held it in his hands gently and soothingly,

He said it'd got hurt somehow on its' chest,

That's why it would pick at the food so choosingly.

It was ill, so he gave it some medicine,

And force-fed a copule of grains of rice,

It swallowed them but still didn't eat,

Instead it attempted to hide away twice.

We let it go, thinking we were right,

And all it needed was to go to sleep,

But at night, around 10 'o' clock,

It went further...much more deep.

The pigeon's body shuddered and shook,

As the last wisps of air left its' form,

I ran to get some medicine,

But I was too had gone.

My dad tried to get it to move and breathe,

But the body lay limp and defeated,

I felt horrified...sad...angry...upset,

Feeling somehow that it had been cheated.

The poor little bird we wanted to keep warm,

It got to the living room from the kitchen,

It died in our home,

The beautiful White and Gray Pigeon...