Have A Little Faith In Me

Inspired by the song 'Have a little faith in me' by Mandy Moore

- - -

Have a little faith in me,

Trust me and always believe in me,

Love me and help me and hold on to me,

Don't forget me, stop loving me or grieve for me.

Let me take your hand and lead you as best as I can,

For time flows by fast and we are of one clan,

Our hearts are for each other, safeguarded and clean,

Our eyes seek the other and sparks shoot in between.

We keep running always and don't ever look back,

To see our homes ruined and people's hearts turn black,

We just seek the future happiness and survival,

Our spirits are strong and undeniable,

We are sincere and devoted from the bottom of our hearts,

And we are loyal and so 'Till Death Do Us Apart'.