I'm Believing...

- - -

Am I going paranoid?

I just can't help but avoid,

You and your perfectionist friends,

This vague talk of guys and girls,

Is enough to drive anyone round the bend.

- - -

Are you really leaving me,

Or is it me just thinking way too deep?

Your secrets are shared with others now,

And I curse you when I go to sleep.

- - -

I'm all alone but I don't get how,

'Cuz I'm going round with your friends all day,

But I feel used, manipulated and excluded,

And now I can't find the right way.

- - -

Friendship is so hard, anyone would admit,

'Cuz your sly looks are just so deceiving,

I find myself grieving for our lost closeness,

And maybe fate will interfere...I'm believing...