Teenage Life

Dedicated to all teenagers. Maybe you guys agree...maybe you don't, but every person has a different view. I wrote this when feeling low so it's not my every-day opinion. Sometimes, teenage life is awesome...at others, it's terrible. Review please?

- - -

Lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling,

Just can't understand what I am feeling,

My emotions are mixed and confused every way,

I feel the burden of the next day,

Complications of matters that don't make sense,

All my muscles are clenched and the stress is intense,

I'm unsure, I'm afraid, I just want to fit in,

I don't want to disappoint or commit any sin,

I want to meet my parents' and teachers' expectations,

At the same time, I want to prepare for future destinations,

I want to be popular and on good terms with my friends,

I want to be the best and be ready for all the bends,

I want everyone's approval and appreciation,

I want to be looked at with admiration,

I want to fulfill all my dreams and ambitions,

And avoid all clashes, fights and collisions,

But most of all, deep, deep down in my soul,

I want to be me and stop being told,

Of how to live my life and what I have got to be,

Because in the end, I'm nobody else but me...