by Sweetiepie1019

Slimy tendrils of suppressive dankness

Slithering through cracks

Under hoods, between skin and jacket cuffs

Creeping up pant legs,

Trickling down backs

Cold and dark, it carries depression

Dampens spirits, drowns voices

The sticky silence broken only by

DING DANG; the grating drips

You have no choice

Gather all your breath, cry SPEAK!

To be drowned out by obnoxious thunder

As the charcoal sky and mocking drips

Combine to drive you insane

You twitch restlessly and wonder

Did poets, authors, songwriters really find beauty

In blinding flashes and water that pounds

And though you are pale and burn like a match

You wish for sun all year round


by Sweetiepie1019's friend

I'm falling

But you're not there

To catch me

Do you even know

How far I've fallen

For you?

AN: The first is mine, and the second is my friend. She wanted to try herself out before giving way to a whole alias. So please, please, PLEASE review and tell her how good she is! And while you're at it, tell me exactly what you think of me.