I'm so sorry for the wait on cut scenes! I've been busy writing Seeing Double's final draft (renamed "Take Two," PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!), so I completely forgot about this. Anyway, I've compiled here some scenes that I wrote out but didn't include in the story. At the end of this little thingamabobber right here, I'll address the issue of a sequel.

If you want to just know my answer to a sequel, the just scroll all the way down. :D

The first deleted scene Benji's original confession to Alex that he liked her after she and Bryce kissed at the ballgame. I didn't like it that much so I changed it in the story. I also wanted to take it out because I liked the thought process I put Alex through a lot, and decided to write a main character later who sped-thought.



Before she could open her mouth to form words she didn't know, he continued, "To be honest, Alex, I… how did you teach me? Anata ga hontou ni daisuki desu." (I really like you.)

Inwardly, her mouth dropped and her eyes popped out of her head. Did he just say…? Did he KNOW what he just said? "Y-You do know what that means, right?" she questioned with a hesitant smile on her face. He grinned back at her and took another step forward so that she was fully against the door.

"I know exactly what it means," he confirmed with a smile. "I really like you, Alex."

"Uh…uh…uh…" she was having just a little trouble forming words at the moment. Of course she had suspected, but to actually hear it from his lips seemed to be so surreal. "I…uh…"

Well, she'd gotten herself into a rather interesting pickle. Benji liked her, she liked Bryce, and Bryce… well, she wasn't sure what Bryce meant by anything anymore. He was an enigma to her, and she had no idea how to read him. Alex took a moment to fully assess the situation and began to speed think.

Situation A (the ideal fantasy one): Benji would just be joking around and not really mean what he'd said. She tells Bryce how she feels and he reciprocates.

Version Two of Situation A: She tells Benji that she likes Bryce, he says he understands and steps aside to let her talk with Bryce and hopefully…yeah… she wasn't entirely sure what she wanted from Bryce.

Problems with Version Two of Situation A: It would be careless of her to disregard Benji's feelings and go after his best friend. It was a bitch-move and she hated girls that did things like that. Not only that, but Bryce was a jerk and probably got caught up in the moment when they'd kissed. He probably felt only friend ship towards her.

Situation B: She goes to the dance with Benji and maybe starts to like him?

Problems with Situation B: The problem with Bryce and the kiss would rear its ugly head in her mind if anything happened with Benji. Alex couldn't help but wonder what Bryce thought of her, but if it was nothing, then she was stuck with nothing. Then again, she seemed to be stuck with nothing either way.

Situation C: Tell Benji to wait for her answer and talk to Bryce and figure out what the heck he feels for her and then take it from there.

Problems with Situation C: Why should she ask Bryce at all? If he did like her and anything happened, it would only hurt Benji, and she wasn't about to do that. Even if she didn't like Benji in a romantic way, she didn't want to hurt him, which lead to Situation D…

Situation D: Tell Benji that she doesn't like him and be completely honest.

Alex inwardly sighed. Today had been full of excitement, and she couldn't take any more of it. She could go for a combination of Situations C and D. Finally she looked up into his eyes and said, "Could I uh…answer you a little later? I need to think about things for awhile…"


It was only around seven, and Alex had been staring at her homework with nothing but Benji and Bryce on her mind for the past hour. Write an essay, do math problems, do calculations for Chemistry, answer questions for history… Alex would be happy when she became a senior.

She took her pencil and put it to the paper and waited for words to come to her, but nothing came. The only thing that was running through her mind was the fact that her life seemed to be full of complicated situations. Finally fed up with it, she threw her pencil across the room and crumpled the paper into the size of a golf-ball. Homework was overrated anyway, right? Its not like you were going to use chemistry or essay writing skills in a major league career, right? RIGHT?

She was happy and a little irritated when her cell phone rang. Without checking the ID, she opened it. "Hello?" she asked forcefully.

"…did I call at a bad time?" questioned Mark's voice.

Alex sighed and answered, "Hey, Mark…"

"Have a bad day?" he asked with a little bit of a chuckle at her tone. She let out a groan before collapsing her head on her desk. It was so nice to hear from him again.

"I don't know… my life seems to have gotten a lot more complicated since yesterday," she informed. "What's up with you?"

"I'm all excited because tomorrow we've got a game with Valley High, and then this coming Saturday I have that game with a high school called Bailey," he said casually, but she could hear his smile. Then she remembered that, yes, they did have a game on Saturday with her old school.

"I would get more excited if I weren't so stressed," she told him, but despite that, she smiled. "But be prepared to go down. I've improved since last we met," she said in a teasing regal tone. "Nii-chan's taught me a couple of new pitches that I think even you can't handle."

"Oh, is that so?" he answered in an equally teasing, equally regal voice. "Well, I hope you know that there hasn't been a game this season where I've not gotten on base!"


"…yeah," he responded with a deflated sigh. "I almost got on base every single game, but I kept popping it into center field."

"Awwww, poor Marky Snarky."

"Hey, I ain't snarky!"

Alex laughed, feeling a little better. Mark always had the ability to make her forget about stressful things. She had always known that Yuka had a small thing for him, but wondered what he felt for her. But at the moment, Alex didn't want to get involved in anything that had to do with love and like and teenage drama.

They talked for about a half an hour, and he entertained her by telling her stories of the team and his adventures with Yuka. After awhile, she finally said, "You two seem to be spending a lot of time together."

There was a pause and a gruff, "Uhuh."

Alex narrowed her eyes but didn't say anymore. She'd talk with Yuka later.

"Soooo," Mark began again. "Did Scott leave?" He was referring to Kouki. Scott was his American name, and Mark had long ago opted to use it because he couldn't pronounce 'Kouki' without having it sound like 'coo-oo-kie.'

"Yeah," she answered. "Yesterday." It was kind of odd to think that he'd just gone the day before. By now it seemed like a millennia. There was another pause. "Hey, Mark?"


"Why didn't you like Kouki back then?"

"I still don't like him now," Mark answered. He sighed and she imagined him running a hand through his hair. "But I don't know. Back then I was weird."

"You're still weird," she deadpanned. She heard him laugh. "But seriously… it seems like all the guys I knew hated him."

"That's because he took you away," he replied simply. "You were everyone's little sister and then here comes along Scott and whisks you away to neverland where they—we hardly got to see you at all."

"But Yuka and my other girl friends were fine with it."

"That's because they thought he was cute," he informed. "Do you know how many god awful times I had to listen to Yuka and the other girls swoon? He was pretty skimpy looking back then too."


It was ten o'clock at night and Alex was standing outside of Bryce's front door for the second time. Except this time, she wasn't carrying an umbrella, and she wasn't going in to apologize—she hoped. She hadn't knocked on the door yet, and she realized that maybe it was a little late to be asking him questions. Yes, that's what she'd do. She'd wait until tomorrow. Alex'd ignore the itch in the back of her mind about how he felt—completely disregard the annoying tick flying around her head to see him. She'd wait until tomorrow.

But her tiny plan was shattered, however, when the door opened and Bryce's face peered out and his eyes met hers.

"Alex?" he asked incredulously, obviously not expecting her to be at his door so late. She just smiled stupidly. Oh boy, what could she say now. "What are you doing here?"

"Uh… how did you know I was standing here?" she asked, her eyes going anywhere but his face. He rolled his eyes.

"I saw you through the window—do you know you've been here for ten minutes?"

"…No…" Had she really been standing there for that long? "Er… where are your parents?"

"Asleep. Old people go to bed early." She couldn't really tell whether or not he was joking because his face was serious. "So back to my original question, what are you doing here?"

Okay, Alex, he's got the door open, you might as well go for it, right? Right….RIGHT.

"I wanted to talk to you," she answered honestly. "Can I come in, or can we take a walk or…something?" Bryce hesitated before sighing and ushering her inside of his house. After she walked in, he closed the door behind her and leaned against it, his head slightly tilted up. He stared at her expectantly, and she had to stare at the floor to avoid blushing. "I wanted to ask you…" she began, pausing to collect her thoughts and try and figure out how to say what she wanted to say. "About today… before Ni—Keijiro Taka got hit… when we were near that souvenir stand thingy…when we uh… you know," she said, glancing up at him. To her annoyance, he seemed amused at her lack of comfortableness around him. Alex turned on her heel so that her back was to him, and she didn't have to look at his rather attractive, stupid face.

"What about it?" he asked when she failed to continue. Alex heaved a deep breath and gathered her courage. C'mon Aki, you can do this. Just ask him. What are you so afraid of? The worst he could do is… her thought trail died and Alex remembered that whether or not he liked her, it was still a lose-lose situation. Was it better to just not ask at all?

But the curiosity would eventually kill her. At last she opened her mouth and quickly asked, "What do you feel for me?"


It must have been quiet for another ten minutes because Alex felt like she'd been standing in the same spot for years. Maybe it would've been better if she hadn't said anything at all—no, she knew it would have been better not to say anything at all. If silence was his answer, then her curiosity was painfully sated.

"You know what? Never mind," she said quickly, turning around to leave, but found him blocking the door. He was no longer leaning against it, but he was tall and made for an intimidating figure. "I'm so stupid, forget that I asked you that," she told him, trying to sidestep out of the way to leave.

Silence had never been a good answer for her, and despite herself, Alex felt infuriating tears sting at the corners of her eyes. Even though she knew if he'd liked her it would never work out—it still hurt.

Instead of letting her pass, he sidestepped with her and grabbed her shoulders, "Alex," he said, and when she kept trying to pry herself out of his grasp, he said more forcefully, "Alex!"

She froze and continued to stare down at the floor. Alex didn't want to look into his electric blue eyes for a rejection. But instead of saying something, instead of telling her that he only looked to her as a friend, Bryce pulled her towards him in a tight hug, his face burying in the crook of her neck and he took a deep breath as if taking in the scent of her hair.

This thoroughly confused her. Hadn't she just been preparing herself for some kind of heartache?

"Is this answer enough for you, you moron?" he asked her. Alex felt resentment rise at his small insult, but then began to try and understand what he'd just said.

"Huh?" was her intelligent response. She could feel his lips against the sensitive skin of her neck. An arm tightened around her hips and the other tightened around her shoulders. This was weird. This was odd and awkward. But at the same time, she liked it—no, she loved it. The feeling of his body against hers somehow felt so…so…right. Instead of answering her second question, he loosened the arm around her shoulders so that he could look down at her. He was so tall, and he was hunched over to accommodate her. He leaned forward and rest his forehead against hers and stared into her eyes.

"You can't possibly think that I kiss girls like that that I don't like," Bryce told her. "You can't possibly think that after something like that that my feelings are only platonic." Alex's heart nearly burst with pure ecstasy, and even she was surprised at how happy she was with his response. She blinked owlishly at him. "Now it's your turn," he told her, "What do you feel for me?"

Her lips flapped open and closed several times, the happiness finally settling down in her stomach. She was all ready to say, "I like you too," when she thought of Benji.


Quickly, Alex tried to take a step back but found herself blocked by Bryce's arm. "I… I…"

I really like you, but Benji likes me and I don't want to hurt him…?


This next one is the phone call between Bryce and Benj after Benji's confession. I believe I rewrote this in the story, so this is just a variation of what happened…


Bryce had his face buried in his pillow when the phone rang and his mother called for him that it was Benji. He sighed and grabbed the receiver close to his bed.

"Hello?" he asked, voice slightly muffled. There was a long sigh from the other end.

"Why didn't you tell me you two kissed?" Benji questioned in a stressed voice. Bryce felt something thump in his chest and he sat up on his bed and ran a hand through his auburn hair. Benji wasn't supposed to know that. He had been so careful to make sure he knew nothing.

"How did you find out?"

"I ran into Alex about an hour ago at the park. She was crying," his best friend informed. He sounded a little annoyed and a little heartbroken. Bryce's chest constricted.

"Why was she crying?"

"I think you would know," Benji answered a little colder than Bryce was used to. He heaved another sigh, "If you had told me you liked her, I would never have just made myself look like a hopeless moron, ya know," he informed. Bryce didn't know what to answer with, so he opted to stay quiet. "What did you say to her that made her cry so much? She said that you'd turned back into the guy that she met at first… so I'm assuming you rejected her like a jerk?" he questioned. "Bryce, what the hell is going on with you? You kiss her and don't tell me, when I tell you I'm going to ask her out, you say go for it," he continued, "When the girl you like tells you she likes you, you reject her." Then he added, "And I know you don't just kiss a girl you don't really like. Want to tell me what the fuck's going on?"

Bryce was silent and ran his hand along his hair again. It was a bit of a nervous habit. So was sighing. When he didn't answer, Benji asked, "You do like her, don't you?"

He hesitated before answering, "Yeah."

"Then, my dear best friend, would you mind telling me what the hell's been going through your mind? If you would've told me you liked her, then I wouldn't have asked her out. You like her, she really likes you—I don't see what the problem is."

Neither do I…

"You don't understand," Bryce answered before he could help it. He mentally punched himself. "She'd do better with you." It was half the truth.

"Considering I feel like shit right now, yeah, I'd say you were right," Benji responded, "But you failed to realize that Alex doesn't like me. She likes you."

"Look, I have to go," he said, feeling as if he were beginning to be backed into a corner. "I'll call you later."



He stared at the phone in his hands and set it aside before mashing his face in his pillow again. The phone rang and he silenced it before anyone else could answer. To be completely honest, Bryce wasn't sure what he was doing. To clarify, yes, he liked Alex. He really liked Alex. He had come to that conclusion before he'd kissed her, but that darn kiss seemed to awaken something in him, and he was terrified to let it out.

But some part of him had some primal urge to protect her. He had always wanted to protect her, and he still didn't like her being on the team. Bryce's feelings for Alex was something he'd never really felt before. He'd liked girls before. Hell, he'd even once upon a time liked Carrie (for about seven days), but Alex was different. He knew it was the kind of like that made you want to kiss her, so it wasn't just his guilt over Julie's death that was transferring over to her. He thought of Alex now as only Alex, and had for some time.

But… why was I so cold to her? Why did I tell her that the kiss meant nothing?

He didn't understand what was wrong with him.

There were so many questions. Why did Bryce tell Benji to go for it when he told him he was going to ask Alex to the dance? Why did he tell Alex


Annnnnnd it ends there because at that point I was just not feelin it.

The next one is a lot later in the story, after Alex and Bryce have gotten together during the convention. I later replaced this with something else.

So, Alex wanted to see Bryce in his room, but…


"Benj is here."

Alex bit down another smile and an awkward chuckle.

She paused, "Yeah, come on over."

As much as she wanted to talk with Benji, she felt that a good suck-face make out session with Bryce would soothe her nerves a bit more. She hung up the phone without so much of a goodbye, and Bryce was knocking on her door not more than a minute later. He was leaning ever so casually against the doorframe with a small smile playing across his lips. She wondered if this was a pose he'd used for his one-time modeling gig.

Alex wordlessly pecked his lips, pulled him inside, and checked the hallway to make sure Wieman or the cheerleading coach wasn't around. She shut the door and hooked the latch over bolt, so that no one would be able to open the door fully. (it would give them enough time if one of the coaches came knocking and used a key)

"What's up?" Alex questioned, going back to lie on the bed. He collapsed next to her, smile still in place.


"You know what I've noticed?" she asked him, turning on her side to prop her head on her hand. She peered down at him and he raised an eyebrow.


"You're smiling more." As soon as she said the words, his lips straightened and the smile had vanished. "Bryce," she said with a wrinkle in her nose. He laughed.

"Yeah, I guess I am," he replied, "It feels good to be happier again." He rolled over on his side to face her, mimicking her pose before reaching his free hand out and brushing away a damp piece of hair from her cheek. She nudged closer to him, and he leaned in and kissed her. Her hand went to his jaw and stroked it, feeling the smooth skin of his freshly shaved chin. He pulled away to nuzzle and kiss her neck, and Alex lay down fully on the bed to be more comfortable. He followed her, his elbows coming to rest on either side of her head with one of his knees between her legs. "I love you," he murmured, his breath in her ear and Alex nearly felt her heart stop, then flutter at his words.

She opened her mouth to respond, but he kissed her before she could. His knees got tired and soon, the only thing holding him up was his propped elbows. Alex reached for the hem of his shirt, but he twitched and inched away.

"We have to be downstairs in an hour," he reminded her, breathless and still not even a whisper away from her skin.

"An hour," she echoed, reminding him that it was still a full sixty minutes. Alex arched her back and kissed him, but didn't reach for his shirt.


I really liked this next scene, but felt that it would introduce too much unneeded drama towards the ending. This is also during the convention, but when I wrote it, I had originally planned for Mark and Yuka not being together yet.


"It's so nice to be here again," Yuka said with a large sigh as she went into the bathroom. Alex suspected she was setting her makeup down, but Alex wasn't sure when Yuka would ever find the time to wear it. "What other teams are supposed to be attending?"

"I don't know," Alex answered, "The usual, I guess."

"Hmmm…. Miller, Clarence, Moore, Los Matador are the usuals."

Alex paused for a moment from her unpacking, "Miller?"

"MMmmmhmmm. Why? You know someone?"

Alex cracked an almost annoyed smile. "Yeah, that guy I told you about that socked me in the eye."

"EHHhh?" Yuka emerged from the bathroom, an eyebrow raised, "Do you think he'll be here?"

"If Miller's here, then probably," she answered, "I think I'll just ignore him if I see him."

"And if he talks to you?"

"If Miller High is here, if Kevin's there with them, and if we see each other, if he feels like he wants to say something… I'll just… uh… walk away," she finished lamely. Yuka's eyebrow rose higher on her forehead.

"Yeah, and he'll just punch the back of your head. Leaving me, little ol' harmless Japanese girl, to fend him off."

Alex snorted, "Yeah, harmless. You're just as harmless as Mark is patient."

Yuka just grinned from ear to ear and sat on the bed. "Well. You know."

"Speaking of Mark," she attempted casually, "What's the deal with you two?"

"What do you mean?" Yuka asked, her voice kept carefully stoic.

"You know what I mean," she answered, getting up from hunching over her suitcase and stretching her back. Alex set her hands on her hips, "You still like him, don't you?"

Yuka made a face and the line of her mouth pursed, "Yeah."

Alex found herself pursing her lips as well. He told me he was going to ask her out months ago. Why is he taking so damn long?!

She went back to packing her stuff away and then asked, even though she knew the answer, "Do you think he likes you?"

Yuka shrugged and wormed her way up along to bed to lay against the pillows. "I don't know. It's been like this for years, Aki-chan, why are you asking now?"

Alex let out an internal sigh and just shrugged. "Just wondering," she answered, and looked at the digital alarm clock between the two small beds, "We have an hour to be down in the ballroom."

"Mm… well I didn't have much sleep on the plane," Yuka commented, "I think I'll take a lil' ol' nappy poo."

Alex raised an eyebrow. "I got a lot of sleep," she answered. "I think I'll visit Bryce or Mark… or something," she said. Yuka nodded and smiled before shutting her eyes.

"Wake me up when we need to leave."

Alex grabbed her room key and closed the door behind her. With a small sigh, she realized she didn't know where Mark's room was. She had had full intention on asking him why he was waiting so long.

They are going to be together by the time I'm in Japan or so help me I'm going to break something of his…maybe his nonexistent spine.

She pursed her lips, and her eyes scanned the hallway for one of her old teammates. She and Yuka were the room smack dab in the middle of the hall. On the left (near the elevators) was Bailey, and on the right was Forester. She suspected that down the other hall, other schools were settling in. Alex headed right and stuck her head in the first open door, and she smiled when she found Aaron, flirting with a cheerleader or five.

"Aaron!" she called. He looked up, from her feet, paused at her chest as always, and then smiled when he reached her face.

"Good goodness Alex, you grow every time I see you," he commented. She rolled her eyes and knew it was a lie (because her breasts hadn't gotten any bigger in the past year and she suspected they had stopped…sadly). "What's up?" he asked, obviously not wanting to be distracted from his five cheerleaders.

"What room is Mark in?"

"503," he answered shortly. "The next room over."

"Thanks!" she called as she ducked out and turned to room 503. She knocked on the door, and Pepper answered almost immediately.

"Aleexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx," he said as he leaned forward and gave her a tight hug. "What's up?"

"Is Mark here?" she questioned as Pepper propped the door open with one of the empty suitcases. Pepper gestured towards the comatose figure on the bed, and Alex frowned. Without so much as another word, she ran and launched herself on the bed, causing Mark to gasp awake, eyes looking wildly around as Alex stared down at him. He blinked, eyes wide, as Pepper laughed.

"What the hell!"

"Why haven't you asked Yuka out yet?"

At that, Pepper stopped laughing rather abruptly with a loud cough, and Mark stared at her as if she'd just asked Mark whether or not he was circumcised. "Well then," Pepper said, "I'm going to see if there's an arcade. I'll meet you in the ballroom later, Mark."

He left, and Alex looked suspiciously at Mark, who still looked rather harassed at being woken up.

"Well?" she asked.

Mark sighed, and glanced at the open door.

"Close that, will you?" he requested. She hesitated for a moment; she knew Wieman was on the other end of the hall, and the cheerleading coach wouldn't bother to check Forester's team. "Orel's asleep," Mark told her, and Alex got up, causing the bed to squeak, and closed the door.

"What was that whole thing with Pepper about?" she questioned, referring to when he had left rather abruptly.

"He knows the situation."

Alex had a little bit of an inkling that maybe it wasn't just because Mark was chicken that he hadn't asked out her best female friend. "Mark, what's going on?"

"It's really… nothing…" She narrowed her eyes and he gave her an unreadable look. "It's just… the timing is never right, and it's kind of hard… and I may have met someone…"

Alex nearly slapped him. "What?!"

"Don't get angry!" he answered defensively. Alex swallowed down her sudden torrent of emotions and forced herself to be objective. "I…uh… well… she's like… she's like the all American girl," he informed her. "Like… blonde hair and green eyes and stuff." Alex almost said something, but thought better of it. "I met her at one of my dad's work dinner things…and we just kind of hit it off."

"Like how?"

"Like… we ended up making out behind the bushes at the end of the night."

Don't slap him, Alex. Don't slap him. Don't hit him. DON'T HIT HIM.

"I thought you liked Yuka?" she questioned, keeping the tick out of her expression.

"I do," he answered, "but it's not that simple. I mean, yeah, I really like her, but I'm starting to really like Vanessa, too."

"How long have you known Vanessa?"

"About a month?"

Don't slap him. Don't.

"How often do you talk to her?"

"Almost everyday."

"How often have you seen her?"

"Twice since then?"

Alex ran a hand through her hair, only for her fingers to get stuck in the knots. "What are you going to do?"

"I don't know Alex. Honestly," he paused, and averted his gaze, "Vanessa kind of reminds me of you."

"I'm a far cry from the all American girl," she answered tersely. "Besides, that's got nothing to do with anything. You've only known her for a month and you already think you like her more than you like Yuka? If that's really true then maybe you never liked Yuka at all."

"That's not it," he answered, annoyed. "I like Yuka, I really do. But being around Vanessa reminds me of you."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Dammit, Alex," he said, and hit the mattress, causing it to creak again. "Because I liked you for chrissakes. When you were with Kou—Scott I really, really, really liked you, and being around Vanessa reminds me of how I would have wanted it to be if you and I had ever gotten together."

Alex was silent, but she was still stewing in annoyance. "Mark, this Vanessa girl isn't me, and she never will be me, and if you're looking at it like that, you don't like Vanessa, you still like me, which I know isn't true because you like Yuka."

Mark frowned. "I still like you, Alex, just not as much."

"Should I be flattered?"

"That's not what I meant. I mean, I like you like the way I should like you, but I still like you a little like I shouldn't, not that that matters anymore because we aren't talking about you, Miss Self-Centered, we're talking about me, Yuka, and Vanessa."

"You said Vanessa reminds you of me. That involves me, and I think that you should go out with Yuka, which also means, in a round about way, that if Vanessa is anything like me, she would want you to be with Yuka as well," Alex countered, hardly missing a beat but still feeling slightly offended and hurt. "Mark, you've known this chick for a month. A month. You've known Yuka for nearly ten years! You know what she's like all the time—you know what she's like at her best and you know what she's like at her worst. For all you know, Vanessa could be a sociopath or something! All you know is the good qualities and what areas to lick in her mouth! Stop being so damn horny you can't tell the difference between what your head wants and what your other head wants!"

He lunged at her, causing her to fall over on her back at the foot of the mattress. The bed squealed in protest, and Alex was so surprised, the anger and annoyance nearly disappeared. Nearly.

Mark pinned her to the bed by her shoulders and said harshly, "You want me to tell you horny? Horny is watching you and Scott make out behind the buildings and imagining it was me—horny was looking at you look at him the way I had wanted you to look at me, and I get that from Vanessa. Yuka gives me diddly squat. At least I know Vanessa likes me. Yuka's always out there flirting with the rest of the team."

"Mark, get off me." He was hurting her. He had all of his weight on her shoulders, and all he did was look at her. He scared her, and she wasn't sure closing the door had been the wisest thing to do. "Yuka likes you," she told him, finally. "She really likes you, and if you got a girlfriend other than her, I don't think she could take it. She doesn't know how to act around you because you two have been friends for so long. But she likes you. I'd even venture to say she loves you. Now get off of me, Mark, or I'm going to kick you and you'll never be horny again."

Suddenly, the old Mark snapped back and he eased himself off of her with a mumbled, "Sorry." He ran a hand through his hair, "sorry… I didn't mean to… I'm really sorry, Alex."

She sat up and got off the bed, crossing her arms and staring down at him. "Yuka likes you. She's liked you since forever, before I was ever with Kouki. And I know that you like her. You trust her. You've confided things to her more than you ever did me, and that tells me you care about her more than you did me; I just don't think you see it."

Alex turned around and started walking towards the door, her fingers shaking. "I'll see you in the ballroom."

She walked out, and just as the door shut behind her, she rubbed her shoulders, hoping that it wouldn't bother her pitching in the next few days. There would be bruises.

Alex wasn't quite sure why she felt the stinging heat of tears behind her eyes, but she bit it back. If she cried now she'd be breaking that promise she'd made herself. If she cried now, she would have nowhere to go, considering Yuka was sleeping in their room.

She walked down the hall, said hi to the old teammates that saw her, and knocked on Bryce's door at the other end of the hallway. It opened, and without looking at his face, recognized his shoulders. "Alex? What are you—?"

She took a step forward and put her arms around him, causing him to pause a moment before he reciprocated, obviously confused. There were people in the hall, but Wieman was nowhere to be in sight, so he brought her in the room and closed the door.

"Are you okay?" he asked her, letting go and looking down at her, worried and still bewildered. "What's wrong?"

She wasn't crying, but she didn't have to. She wasn't entirely sure what she was upset at; it felt like her world was crumbling around her before she even had the time to leave it.

"Um," she said, forcing her voice to calm down. Calm. She was going to be calm about this. It wasn't everyday one of your best guy friends pinned you to a bed and told you that he'd been hot for her when she'd considered him a brother. "Where's Benji?" she asked, trying to get her mind to focus on something else for a moment.

"He went to talk to Danny about something," Bryce answered. "Alex, what's wrong?"

She walked past him and sat down on the chair near the large mirror on the wall. She told him, though she left out a few details that she knew would probably make him a little too mad at Mark.

"So he likes your Yuka friend and another girl… why does that make you so upset?" he asked, clearly more confused.


And the last one is Benji scolding Bryce after he discovers that he and Alex have semi-broken up because Bryce can't handle the fact that she's moving. After I wrote it, I decided that Benji would probably be a little bit more distant in the situation and not want to get involved with it, thus, this was deleted and replaced with a shrug.


"Would you rather Julie had never been born because it hurt in the end when she died?" Benji asked, his voice slightly bitter. He didn't give Bryce much time to answer. "You wanted to be with Alex even though she didn't want to. Even though you gave up, she eventually gave in. You knew I cared for her and you still went out with her, now I bet she wants to be with you but you can't because it'll hurt you more. Do you really love her if you're being so selfish? You're regretting knowing her, and all you're thinking about right now is yourself. I know you gotta watch your back, but this is ridiculous," he told him, eyes shifting from the tree to a bush off to the side. His hands were stuffed in his pockets, and his back slouch against the bench. "I don't pretend to live without regret; people who say that they have no regrets are stupid, but meeting someone like Alex is definitely something I don't moan about. Even though I know she doesn't feel the same way, even though I know she loves you, even though I know she's moving, I'd never regret meeting her or feeling the way I do about her."

"It's not that easy," Bryce answered, doing his best not to get annoyed again.

"It is," Benji answered. "That's it, isn't it? Now you can't stand her leaving so you leave her alone and she does the same thing because she's been burned by you so many times. Do you even get that she's going to be leaving in about two weeks and you probably won't see her again for at least a year?


That concludes deleted scenes :D I hope you had some fun reading them, and again, I'm sorry it took me so long to upload them!!

Anyway, some of you have PMed me about whether or not I've made up my mind about a sequel.

There will most likely be some form of a story that is deeply connected to this one, though the main character will probably be Benji and not Alex. My original idea for a sequel will probably not work unless I'm very vague about the customs and environment in Japan where Alex is staying (because the original sequel was going to be focused on Alex in Japan). If there is a sequel, it will most likely be when the final draft for this story is complete (which really shouldn't take very long because I'm almost halfway done with Take Two)

An epilogue will most likely follow this "chapter" in a couple days, and it will be a fast forward into the gang's senior year with Alex in Japan.

IF YOU WANT A HINT OR TWO, go check out "Take Two: Final Draft"because Benji makes and appearance in the early chapters, and will make more appearances in later chapters. All of my stories are now taking place in Bailey, so there will be crossovers.

Thank you so much for reading! Keep watch for the Epilogue and please check out my new story :D (Even if you've read Seeing Double, a whole lot has changed)