Perceptions and Impurities


A single mistake and everything breaks

As a result of our culture.

We say tolerate the perfect

And shun the impure ones.

But it is the perfect people

Who destroy the world.

They want perfection

From everybody else.

There is never perfection in anyone,

Just perfection in every person's perception,

And that perfection is them.

Everyone is flawed deep inside though,

We blur our vision

With our faults

In order to see others as imperfect

And maintain our illusion of self perfection.

So never hide your imperfections,

Deal with them without anyone else,

It is better to rip yourself apart

Dealing with problems

Than to rip apart a friendship.

So when you have cleaned yourself

Your friends will still be there

Instead of shoving your imperfections on someone else

And breaking a friendship

Leaving only you,


Despite what you may think,

Is still impure