For nine months she smiled

Knowing she would give the gift of life

But lurking was a struggle that created so much strife

The love that was destined

Had turned and run that day

And she knew at that moment, she'd have to give the child away


That's when she dreamed

That everything was right

That's how she kept herself alive

In the middle of the night

To think of names

That she'd never get to call

That's how she kept herself alive

So that the unborn would not fall


The night was so clear

The stars shone so bright

It seemed like the sun was out during the night

The cry broke the silence

The first breath was drawn

She held him, slept peacefully, and then came the dawn


That's when they came

To rip him from her arms

To take him far away

Where she could do him no harm

It was her choice to make

As the tears fell from her eyes

It was the choice she made

As she choked out her last goodbyes