Where the Stars shine

~~~ * * * *  Where the Stars shine * * * * ~~~

Where have all the stars gone?

Their shining was so clear.

Like candles high

Above the sky.

I wish that they were here.

Go to where the stars shine.

They are happy there.

Their happy smiles

Are seen for miles.

But you must find where.

Where has the sunset gone?

Where is its warm glow?

Its glowing face

Filled all the space

With deep reds and golds.

It is where the stars shine.

It warms the cold air.

Its eyes so bright

And calming light

Can shine calmly there.

Where has the dark night gone?

I cannot rightly say.

The sun goes down;

No night is found.

Why does it stay away?

It is where the stars shine.

There, the angels fly.

With faces pure

And voices sure,

They sing night's lullabies

Where is it that I've gone?

How did I come so far?

This lovely scene

Is close to me

And I can see the stars.

You are where the stars shine.

Their shining is so clear.

The sunset, bright,

Smiles with the night.

Now hold that joy near.

I am where the stars shine.

I am happy there.

And now my smile

Shines on for miles.

Why not join me here?