Amy and Terri

by Durango Dan (address withheld)

A lonely girl meets someone special in the park and then introduces her best friend to him also. (M/gg, ped, bi, inc)

As I sat swinging myself at the park I wished that I was more popular so I could have some friends to play with. I don't think I'm ugly. I'm 11 years old and about four and a half feet tall. I have short brown hair and I'm not fat, in fact I'm in good shape with

just little puffy breasts starting to grow.

I really don't know why I don't have many friends but my parents always told me that I would have a ton of friends soon. I had one best friend but Terri was out of town on vacation for a whole two weeks. So here I am at the park by alone wishing I had someone to play with.

"Hey there, would you like a push" a man's voice asked

as I spun my head around to see who it was.

"I'm not suppose to talk to strangers" I told him remembering what my mom and dad have told me a thousand times.

"That is very good advice, you shouldn't. My name is

Jack and this is my dog Alfie" he told me.

"What's your name" he asked me.

I told him that my name was Amy. He said that now we know each other we are not strangers. He asked me again if I wanted a push. I said I would like that very much

and thanked him for asking. He pushed my back starting my upward arc. As I went higher his hand went lower. Soon he was pushing me by pushing against my ass

cheeks. I was really going high when I asked him to stop.

"I'm high enough, thank you" I told him

Jack said that it was his pleasure and walked off deeper into the park with Alfie following him closely. I kept pumping my legs to keep the swing going as I watched Jack play catch with his dog. Alfie would wait for Jack to toss the ball and then go running after it.

He would bring it back and bark for more. I slowed down as I watched the dog having fun. I finally stopped and got off the swing set walking over to Jack and his dog.

"Can I throw the ball to him" I asked Jack.

"Sure, he loves to play catch" he told me.

I threw the ball as far as I could, watching him run for it as fast as he could. I giggled as Alfie twisted his body around to catch the ball in his mouth. He brought it back to me for another toss. We kept this up for about thirty minutes while Jack sat on the ground

watching us. When Alfie finally tired of the game he plopped down by my feet so I could pet him. I stroked his fur as he licked my arm. He was a very friendly German Shepard. Jack told me that Alfie must really like me because he is not usually this friendly with


"Hey, there is the ice cream truck, would you like one" Jack asked me.

"Yes, thank you" I told him politely.

I stayed with Alfie as Jack walked to the truck. He came back with three bars. I tossed one down on the ground for Alfie to enjoy. We talked while we ate our ice cream. I told him about my best friend being gone for two weeks. I said that I came here a lot to play.

He asked me where I lived and I told him only a block away. He said that he lived at the other side of the park. I have a pool in my yard so if you ever want to go swimming just wear a bathing suit when you come to the park and you can come over and use it.

"You really mean it" I said excitedly.

"Sure, you can swim anytime you want" he told me.

"Yeah, but I don't think my parents would let me since they don't know you" I whined

"You're right, we better forget about swimming" Jack said to me

"Wait, I could just tell them I'm playing in the park all afternoon, I could bring a change of clothes along" I told him as I made plans in my head.

"You sure you won't get into trouble" he asked me.

"Nah, it will be okay. I can get away with it, I know I can" I bragged to Jack.

"Well, okay if you say so. Alfie and I are in the park just about every day so when you want to go swimming just let us know." Jack said as he waved good-bye to me.

I played on the swings a while longer and then headed home for supper. Over dinner my mom and dad asked me if I could keep myself occupied during the day. It seems that the small store that they own is getting busier now that summer is here and they both need to be there. I told them not to worry because I like going to the park and there is always a lot of people around. They said that was a good idea, they especially liked the

part about having a lot of people around, they said they wouldn't worry so much that way.

The next day after mom and dad left for the story, I put my swimsuit on under my clothes and put a towel in my book bag. I locked the front door as I headed for

the park. I saw Jack and Alfie playing catch. I watched for a few minutes before heading over to them. I asked Jack if it was okay to go swimming today.

"Sure thing Amy, let me finish Alfie's exercise and then we can go" he told me.

I picked up the ball throwing it as far as I could. Alfie took off running after it and returned it with a bark. We played ball for almost an hour before Alfie

finally wore out.

Jack told me to follow him as he headed across the park. We crossed the street and went up his driveway to the backyard. He had a high privacy fence all around

the yard to keep the kids out of the pool he explained it to me. He told me to hop in and enjoy it as he sat on the lounge chair and watched. I removed my clothes

folding them on a chair.

I had a nice fitting one piece suit on under my clothes. When I was finished undressing I asked Jack if he was going in too but he said not yet. I went to the

diving board and did a cannon ball into the pool.

I played in the pool for over an hour before getting out. I could see Jack watching me as I climbed the ladder. He asked me if I was all done. I told him that I might go in after awhile. I lay on a lounge chair next to Jack to dry off. He looked at me with a strange

look. I asked him if something was the matter and he told me that he never noticed how pretty I was.

"You really think I'm pretty" I asked him

"I'm only 11 years old and I don't even have boobs yet" I giggled at him.

"Oh Amy, I think you are very pretty" he said.

I blushed at his compliment and looked at him closely. He was an attractive guy, well built with sandy colored hair. I guess he was about 27 or so. I looked down and

saw that he had a bulge in the front of his shorts. When I giggled he asked me what was so funny and I laughed that he had a stiffy. He smiled and told me that when he looked at a pretty girl that always happens. I beamed brightly at the compliment that he

had just given me.

We talked about my school and his job. He worked at a factory on third shift. I asked him if he was going to go in the pool with me. He told me that he would as soon as he gets his swimming suit on. He headed into the house as I went back in the pool. He came out a few minutes later wearing a bright blue speedo suit. I could see a huge bulge in the front of the tight material.

He dove into the pool taking a few laps while I watched him. He dove under the water coming up behind me tickling my ribs. I laughed as I pushed his head under the water. Jack and I horse played all afternoon in the pool. When it was time to leave I got out of the pool to dry off. Jack grabbed my towel wiping my shoulders and back off. It felt nice to have someone else drying my back. He told me that I could go in the bathroom to change out of my wet suit. I left him standing by the pool as I headed into the house.

I went back to the backyard to say good-bye to Jack. I thanked him for a wonderful day in the pool. He told me that anytime I wanted to swim just meet him in the park. I gave him a quick peck on his cheek as I left his yard. I got home in time to wash and dry my suit so mom and dad wouldn't find out where I was. I couldn't wait for tomorrow to arrive. It was nice having a friend again.

I met Jack again the next day in the park. We headed over to his house right away to go swimming. Once again I had my suit on under my clothes. I stripped off my clothes putting them on the chair. I looked over and saw Jack staring at me with a big tent in the front of his speedo bathing suit. I giggled at him just before I jumped into the water. He dove in after me coming up and tickling me on my sides again.

We played in the pool for a while when suddenly I felt Jack swim between my legs. He came up and had me on his shoulders. I laughed in glee as he tossed me off his

shoulders back into the water. He did this five times in a row. On the sixth time he swam the other way and when he came up I was sitting facing his back with my

little pussy right by his mouth.

I could feel his hot breath between my legs and it made me shudder. Jack blew small puffs of air at my pussy making me squirm on his shoulders. Suddenly he flipped

me back and I fell into the water again. I swam over to the edge of the pool getting out to sit on the side. I dangled my feet into the water as Jack swam over to me.

"Everything okay" he asked me.

"Oh yeah, it felt strange when you blew between my legs" I told him.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you or make you uncomfortable" he said

"No, no, you didn't honest. I kind of liked it when you did that." I said to him.

"Do you want me to do it again" Jack asked me.

"Okay, if you want to" I said.

He moved between my dangling legs and blew a hard stream of air at my little pussy. I let out a loud gasp as I felt a tingling in my stomach. He kept blowing and blowing until I was squirming. He reached out and pulled my suit away from my pussy and blew his breath right on my hairless crack. I jumped in surprise as I felt the rush of air on my exposed pussy.

"OHHHH" I yelled in surprise.

"Did you like that" Jack asked me softly.

"I don't know, it felt good but I shouldn't let you do that" I told him.

Jack bent his head down and gave my bald cunt crack a kiss. He ran his tongue up my slit until he reached my clit.

"AAHHHHHH, OOHHHHHH, OOHHHHH, AAAAAAAWWWWW, Oh Jack what are you doing" I cried out as I felt pleasure like I've never felt before.

"Why don't you lay back and enjoy the feeling that I can give you" he told me.

I was scared but excited too. I lay back as he opened my legs further. He ran his tongue up and down my little bald slit licking up all the preteen juices that he found seeping from my hole. He teased my clit by nipping at it and sucking it gently in his mouth.


kept up his assault on my hard little clit.

He eased his tongue into my tight cunt hole and wiggled it deep inside of me. He reached up with his free hand and began to play with my nipples. My body was going

into overload on the feelings that I was having from all this stimulation.

"OOHHHH, OOHHH, Oh Jack I feel funny, OHHH, OOHHHHH" I

cried out to him

He told me to relax and go with the feelings. He said I was getting close to having an orgasm which he told me was the best feeling in the world. He licked me deep in

my cunt as he twisted and pulled my little nipples through the material of my bathing suit.

"OOHHHH, AAAAAHHH, AAAHHHH, Oh Jack something's is happening" I shouted


grabbed his hair and pulled his face hard against my bald cunt.


arched and I flooded his mouth with my preteen girl juice.

Jack kept licking and sucking until I finally pushed his head away. I was breathing heavily as I recovered from my very first orgasm. Jack asked me how I liked

the feeling. I jumped in the water and kissed his lips. I could taste my own juices but I didn't care. I wanted to thank him so much for the feelings that he gave me.

I told him that it was the best feeling I have ever had.

As I continued to hug Jack I could feel a hard bump against my belly. I looked down and saw his stiff cock poking me in the stomach. I reached down grabbing his cock through the speedo trunks running my hand up its length. I heard Jack let out a loud moan as I stroked his cock.

Jack reached down pulling his cock out of his bathing suit. I looked down and saw my very first cock sticking out at me. Jack pulled himself out of the pool and sat

on the edge with his feet in the water. I went between his legs and looked at his hardness. I saw the purple mushroom head and the heavily veined shaft. I looked at

his sack with its two large balls inside. I asked him what was leaking from the tip of it. He told me that it was precum and what it was for.

"Do you want to touch me again Amy" he asked me

"I don't know Jack. I never did anything like this before"

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to do" he told me.

I stood in the water between his legs and looked at his hard cock. I was curious on how it would feel without his swim suit in the way. I remember how good I felt when Jack kissed and licked me between my legs and wondered if he would feel the same way.

"Is that precum stuff safe to taste" I asked him not

knowing any better.

Jack reached down with his finger picking up a glob of his precum putting his finger into his mouth. He sucked it clean and showed it to Amy.

"See, safe and tasty too" he laughed at his joke.

I stared at his cock as it leaked a little more precum from the hole on top. I wanted to kiss it but I was scared too.

"Amy honey, you don't have to do it if you are scared" he told me.

I was scared but I didn't want him to think I was a baby or chicken to try it. I stuck out my tongue and licked the precum off of his cock head. I could feel the warmth of the liquid on my tongue. I put the sample in my mouth tasting the slightly salty, slimy juice. It wasn't bad tasting so I licked a little more from his cock head. I ran my tongue all over the head of his cock. I licked down his shaft to his balls and back up again. I slowly pushed his stiff cock into my mouth.

"UUUGGGHHHH, OOHHHHH Amy that feels so good in your mouth" he groaned as I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth.


bobbed my head on his stiff rod.

Jack pulled my head away from his cock. I asked him if I did something wrong. He told me that I was doing it perfectly but he wanted to know if I know what happens when a man climaxes. I told him that I didn't know what that word meant. He said a climax or orgasm is what I had when he kissed and licked my pussy to make me feel so good.

He said that when I felt the very best that was an orgasm or climax. He said when a man has one he shoots his sperm out of his cock. He said it is like precum only thicker but it won't hurt you if you swallow it either. He told me that he wanted to tell me that so if I keep going I wouldn't be scared when I felt his sperm coming out.

I asked him what it tasted like. He told me that it was almost like precum, he said he likes to taste it sometimes. I asked him if I could spit it out if I didn't like it. He told me that I didn't have to do anything I didn't want to. He said I could pull away just before he shoots his cum that way none goes in your mouth. I told him that I want to taste a little of it to see if I like it.

"I will tell you when I'm going to shoot my sperm that way you can decide what you want to do, is that okay" Jack asked me.

"Okay, just warn me" I told him as I pushed my lips over his hard cock again.

I ran my tongue all over his hard cock. I pushed my tongue into the little hole on the top of his dick. More precum came out when I did that and I licked it all up tasting the slimy juice again.

"OOHHH, OOHHHH, OHHHH, Amy I'm close to shooting it" Jack groaned to me.

I sucked his stiff cock harder and faster trying to get him to shoot his sperm out. I decided I wanted to feel it come out in my mouth and taste it at least one time.

I figured that he tasted me it was the least I could do for him. I increased my suction on his cock.

"OOHHHH, OOHHH Amy here it comes, OOOHH here it comes"

He shouted as I felt the first blast hit the roof of my mouth.

I was surprised at the force of his sperm. His hot sticky cum spurted into my sucking mouth as I kept bobbing my head up and down. I tasted a more salty taste and it was a lot thicker that his precum but it still tasted pretty good to me. He kept pushing his

hips up to my face trying to make his cock go deeper in my mouth. He finally stopped squirting his cum out and I let his cock slip from my lips.

"He lifted me out of the pool and kissed my lips. I felt his tongue run across my lips. I opened my mouth a little and let him push his tongue into my mouth. We sucked each others tongues for a few minutes before he let me go.

"Did I do it okay" I asked him when we were sitting on the lounge chairs.

"Oh Amy, you were just wonderful" he told me.

"There are so many things I want to show and teach you about feeling good" Jack said.

"You mean you want to do more things with me" I asked in surprise that he would want to do anything with an 11 year old girl.

"Sweetie, I want to do everything with you, you are beautiful" he whispered to me.

I hugged his neck and thanked him for being so nice. I told him that I had better be getting home soon. He wanted to know if I wanted to feel good one more time

before I left. I told him that I would like that if he didn't mind doing it once more. He told me to take off my suit completely. I looked around nervously and he told me that no one could see in his back yard with the tall fence around it. I stood slowly taking off my

suit. When it was off I stood in front of Jack totally naked for him to gaze upon.

He told me that I was the prettiest girl he has ever seen. He bent down and kissed my lips gently running his tongue into my mouth. He sucked on my tongue while

his hands were playing with my hard nipples. He pulled and pinched my hard little nubs causing me to squirm on the chair. He kissed his way down to my little puffy

tits. He clamped his lips over my nipples sucking and chewing gently on each of them.

He spent a few minutes teasing my tits before he began kissing his way down to my pussy. Jack ran his tongue up and down my hairless cunt slit making me moan out

loud in pleasure. He locked his lips onto my little clit, nibbling it gently with his teeth. I could feel my juices running out of my cunt hole. Jack stood up so he could spread a big towel on the grass. He told me to get on my hands and knees on top of the towel.

He said he was going to do something special for me to make me feel really really good this time. My heart was beating fast just in anticipation of what was going to

happen. I had no idea what he was going to do but I was excited none the less. When I positioned myself on my hands and knees, Jack knelt down behind me.

He put his face into my cunt and licked my slit and clit gently. He ran his tongue all over my pubes getting me to produce more of my little girl juices. He kissed each of my ass cheeks making me giggle at the feel of that. Suddenly I felt his tongue lick up my butt crack.


in surprise as his tongue ran over my little wrinkled

ass hole.

"OOOHHHHH, OOHHHH, Jack that feels good" I groaned as he did it again.

I pushed my hips back to his face trying to get him to do it again. I felt his hands on my ass cheeks as he pulled them apart exposing my tiny ass hole to his moving tongue. He put his tongue right on the brown hole and moved it around and around in small circles.

"OHHHH, OHHHH, OOOHHHH, OOHHHHHH" I panted as he played

with my ass hole.

"OOHHHH Jack push it in, OOHHHH put your tongue inside,

OOHHHH" I begged him.

He pulled my hips back as his tongue slid into my ass hole. I could feel him wiggle it as it went deeper up my ass. He took one of his fingers and ran it up and down my pussy.

"OOHHHHHH, OOHHHHH, Jack OOHHHHHHH" I cried out as my

body shook with pleasure.

He pulled his tongue out and moved his mouth to my pussy. I could feel him put a finger at the entrance to my ass. As he was licking my clit I felt his finger slide up my ass.

"OOOHHHHHH Jack, OOHHHHHHHH" I sighed as he pushed his finger all the way in.

Jack took a finger from the other hand and eased it into my wet pussy hole. I now had a finger in both of my holes. He was licking my clit as he drove both fingers into my holes.

"OOOOWWWW" I cried out in pain.

"Oh Amy I'm sorry, I forgot that you still have your hymen. I'm sorry" he told me.

The pain was already gone as soon as he pulled his

finger back a little. He told me that he won't go that

far in yet. He resumed licking my clit and pumping his

fingers into my pussy and ass hole.


NOW" I screamed out as I gushed my juices out of my

young body.

Jack pulled his fingers out of me and moved his mouth

over my cunt hole. He began to suck all my juices up as

they flowed out of my hole. I wiggled my ass back at

his face as he probed my cunt hole with his long



shouted out as I flooded his mouth with my hot girl cum.

I collapsed in a heap on the towel panting hard to catch my breath. When I recovered I turned around looking at Jack. He sat watching me with his face coated with my juices. I sat up and kissed him deeply tasting myself on his lips for the second time today.

We kissed for a while until I realized that I had to get home. I pulled away and thanked him for a great time. I told him next time I would make him feel good. He told me that just being here made him feel good. I kissed Jack good-bye and left for home.

I couldn't wait for tomorrow to get here. Mom asked me

why I was so happy today. I told her that I made a new

friend at the park and we played all afternoon

together. She told me that she was happy that I made a

new friend and I was glad that I didn't lie to my mom.

The next morning I went to the park extra early and saw

that Jack was already there with Alfie. I walked over

to him as he tossed the ball to his dog. He asked me if

I wanted to go swimming already. I told him that I

didn't have my suit on today but would like to go to

his house anyway. Jack smiled at me taking my hand in

his as we headed for his home. We went into the house

this time and settled in the kitchen for a glass of

orange juice. He asked me what I wanted to do today. I

told him I wanted to do what we did yesterday. He asked

me if I really liked what he did to me.

"Oh Jack it was wonderful. I liked it when you licked

my pussy but when you licked my butt hole that was

really good and when you put your finger in there, I

thought I was going to die" I told him excitedly.

"Can we do that again, please Jack" I begged him.

He laughed at me and told me that he would love to do

anything that I wanted to do. He told me that we should

go to the bedroom so we could be more comfortable. When

we got into his bedroom he sat on the bed telling me to

stand in front of him. He reached out and pulled my

shirt over my head and pulled my shorts and panties

down. I lifted my feet out of my shorts putting them on

a chair. I now stood before him bare ass naked. He

peeled off his clothes telling me to join him in bed.

I jumped on his bed laughing as I grabbed his semi hard

cock stroking it until it reached its full length. I

bent down sucking the cock into my mouth. I loved the

feel of his hard cock in my mouth. I bobbed up and down

on his stiff pole causing him to moan out loudly. He

pulled my hips around so that I was straddling his

face. Jack pulled my hairless little cunt down to his

lips. I felt his tongue plunge into my tight cunt hole.

"OOHHHH Jack push it in farther, OOHHHH" I groaned as

his tongue worked inside my preteen pussy.

I thought that if I wanted Jack to lick me deep inside

then he probably would feel good if I put as much of

his cock in my mouth as I could. I slowly sunk my mouth

over his cock going lower and lower until I gagged when

his cock hit my throat. I quickly pulled my head off

his cock. I tried again this time going fast but I

still gagged on his big cock. Jack lifted his face from

my pussy telling me to swallow when his cock touches my

throat. He buried his face back in my cunt as I lowered

my lips over his cock again. I slowly slid my lips down

until I felt his cock at my throat. I began to swallow

fast when suddenly I felt his cock head slip into my


"AAHHHHHHHHH, AAAAAAAWWWWWW Amy that is wonderful" he

moaned his appreciation to me.

I pulled my mouth off of Jack's cock and rolled off of him. He gave me a puzzled look asking what was wrong. I told him that nothing was wrong except that I wanted to

make him feel good without him doing anything to me. He told me that he really enjoys making me feel good and wants to do it all the time. I told him that it was his

turn to feel good and he should just lie back so I could do it.

"I'll tell you what. Let me make you feel good one more time and then you can do what ever you want to do with me" Jack told me.

"You mean I can do anything and you won't stop me." I asked him

"Anything as long as you don't hurt me" he laughed.

I told him that I like that idea. He told me to lie on the bed and he would get started. He kissed my lips softly licking my tender lips. I felt his tongue trying to gain access to my mouth. I opened my mouth and let his tongue in to play with mine. We twirled our tongues against each other. I felt his hands on my puffy little boobs. He turned and twisted my hard little nipples. I was moaning and squirming on the bed as I felt my

juices flowing from my 11 year old pussy. He lowered his mouth to my tits and chewed softly on the tit flesh. I could feel the soft suction on my nipples and it caused me to pour more of my juice out. He ran his finger through my wet slit playing with my clit. He

would take it between his fingers and twist and turn it all around.

"OOOHHH, OOHHHH, AAAHHHHHHH" I sighed as I was lost in my pleasure.

Jack raised my legs and pushed them back to my head. I

felt my ass open up as he bent my legs back. Jack

leaned closer and ran his tongue up and down my ass

crack. He pulled my cheeks apart so he could get better

access to my tight brown hole. He reamed my hole with

his hot tongue making me pour my juice out on the bed.

"OOHHHH, UUUUGGGGHHHHH, OOHHHHH Jack put your finger in

again, please, OOHHHHHH, OOHHHHHH" I begged him to


Jack pushed his tongue deep inside of my ass and licked

the walls of my bowels. I never felt such pleasure as

when he did that. He pulled his tongue out and eased

his finger in to my ass. I could feel it slowly sink

all the way in.


as far as he could with his finger.

Jack slowly started to finger fuck my preteen ass with

his finger. He licked my wet slit as he added another

finger to my ass hole.


muttered out to him as I pushed my ass back on his


Jack got on his knees while he still plunged two

fingers up my little ass hole. They were sliding in

with ease so he added one more. I groaned loudly as I

felt myself stretch to the max with three fingers up my



sighed as his fingers worked their magic inside of my


I tensed up when I felt Jack put the head of his big

cock at the entrance of my young preteen ass. I felt a

glob of spit hit my stretched ass hole as he began to

push into my little brown hole.

"UUUGGGGHHHH, UUGGGHHHHHH, Oh Jack I don't think it

will fit" I cried in pain.

Jack gave a big push and I felt the head of his cock

slide into my ass hole. I was panting and moaning

trying to ease the pain of being stretched that far


He told me to take my time and get use to having a cock

in my butt. I had a few tears in my eyes that ran down

my cheeks. Jack bent down and kissed my tears away

telling me how sorry he was that it hurt but he

promised that it would feel the best in a few minutes.

He held perfectly still as I grew use to having him up

my ass. I could feel his cock throb with each beat of

his heart. Soon the pain was gone and I was getting a

warm feeling creeping into my cunt. I began to slowly

push my hips back to Jack so he could tell that I

wanted him to move again. I knew I only had the head of

his cock in my ass so there was a lot more of it to go

in. He began to rock back and forth easing just a

little more in each time. He pulled out of my ass hole

just leaving the very tip of his cock in my hole, he

asked me if I was read to feel something great. I said

I was ready but to be gentle. He began to push steadily

into me. I could feel his hard cock slice up my ass

hole going deep into my bowels. He didn't stop until

his balls were resting against my upturned ass.


Jack," I repeated

He began taking short strokes in my ass but then

increased the length of his strokes until he was

sliding his entire length of cock into my tight ass

hole. He kept on taking long deep thrust in and out of

my ass hole.


I cried out as he plunged his hard cock deep into my

preteen ass.

"AAAHHHHH, OOHHHHH, OOHHHH harder, Oh push it in

harder, OOHHH, I'm cumming Jack, OOHHHAAAAAEEEEOOHH!" I

screamed out as felt my cunt pouring its juice out of

its hole.

I humped my ass up to meet his thrusts. I was having

continuous orgasms as Jack was pounding into me faster

and faster. All of a sudden I heard Jack give out a

loud moan and I felt his cock swell inside of my ass as

he shot his hot sticky cum into my ass.

"AAAAAAHHHHH, Again, I'm cumming again OOHHHH, Jack I'm

Cumming agai..."

The next thing I knew I was being held by Jack as he

kissed me softly. He asked me if I was alright. I asked

him what happened and he told me that I had passed out

from the giant orgasm that I had. I hugged him tightly

thanking him for making me feel so good.

I felt my ass leaking out all of his hot cum. I told

him that I needed to take a shower. He told me to go

ahead while he changed the sheets on the bed. When I

returned to the bedroom, Jack jumped up to take his

shower. It wasn't long before we were lying in bed next

to each other again. I told Jack that it was my turn to

please him now. He smiled telling me that he couldn't

wait to see what I had in mind for him.

Jack was lying on his back and I straddled his stomach

so I could lean down and kiss his lips. I sucked his

tongue into my mouth making him moan out softly. I

kissed his cheeks, neck down to his lightly haired

chest. I ran my tongue around his little nipples

causing him to giggle out loud. I kissed my way down to

his cock. I lifted it in my hands giving it small

kisses up and down the shaft. I moved down to suck his

hairy balls sack. I took his balls gently into my mouth

rolling them around my mouth.

I kissed my way down to his ass crack. I wasn't sure I

wanted to do that but I thought if it didn't stink to

bad I would at least try it, after all he did it to me

several times already. I pushed his legs back so I

could get to his wrinkled ass hole. I licked the entire

length of his butt crack. I couldn't smell anything bad

and when I ran my tongue over his ass hole I didn't

taste anything that was that bad around either.

It was like a little tangy taste but not bad. I made my

tongue go in little circles around his ass hole as I

gave Jack my very first rim job. I pushed gently at his

hole and felt him open up and my tongue slide into his

ass hole. I pushed it as far as I could and wiggled it

all around. Jack was moaning his encouragement out to

me constantly.

I pulled my tongue out of his ass hole and let his legs

fall back down. I moved up to suck on his rock hard

cock. I sucked him deep into my mouth moving very

slowly to give him the best blow job that I could. I

moved up to his chest and kissed his nipples once again

as I straddled his waist. I reached back and put his

hard cock at the entrance to my cunt.

"Oh Amy, are you sure you want to do that" he asked me

with concern in his voice.

"Yeah, I want to do something special for you and this

is it" I told him

"You know that when you break your cherry that it hurts

the first time don't you" Jack asked me.

I pushed my hips back feeling his cock head pop into my

tight 11 year old cunt hole.

"OOHHHHHH, OHHHHHH, it feels so much bigger when it's

in me" I told Jack.

"If it is uncomfortable or hurts take it out" he said

to me.

I answered him by sliding back some more and letting

another inch slide into me. I could feel the pain of

Jack against my cherry. I asked Jack how I should break

it and he told me to push back real hard all at once. I

bent down and kissed his lips as I shoved back as hard

as I could.

"OOOOOOWWWWW, AAAAAAHHHHHHHH" I cried out as Jacks hard

cock tore through my virginity and buried itself deep

in my pussy.

"Sweetie, are you okay" he asked me.

"Oh that hurt but it feels okay now. Let me just rest

for a minute" I told him.

I could feel his hard cock pulsing inside of my

stretched little cunt channel. I felt so full with is

big cock sticking in my preteen pussy. I hurt a little

but the pleasant feelings soon began to take over. I

began to rock my hips on his prick. Jack let me do all

the moving so I would be hurt by his cock. It didn't

take long before I was sliding up and down his long

shaft. I was taking long hard strokes of his cock

inside of me.

"OOHHHHH, OOHHHH Jack it's going to happen again,

OOHHHHH" I cried out to him.

I was bouncing on his cock like a pro. I withdrew all

but the head of his dick and then I would slam my body

down driving his hardness deep inside of me.


reached my peak.

I felt my juices pouring out around his hard cock. Jack

grabbed my hips and started to pull me up then push me

back down on him. He was going faster and faster as I

had two more powerful orgasms. I heard Jack moan out

loud and felt his cock twitch inside of me as he spewed

his hot sticky cum deep into my 11 year old cunt. I had

one more orgasm as he shot his load into me. When he

finally stopped pumping his cum I rolled off of him. We

lay on the bed talking about how good we made it other

feel and how much we enjoyed it. Jack reached over

pulling me to him as he kissed my lips softly. We

hugged and caressed each other slowly, not being in any


Jack was licking and nipping at my nipples when Alfie

jumped on the bed and buried his snout in my sopping

wet cunt. He began to lick the combination of our

juices from my cunt slit.


"Get down you crazy mutt" Jack screamed at his dog

"OHHHHHH Jack don't make him stop. OHHHHHHH" I cried

out as I felt Alfie's long rough tongue snake its way

up my cunt canal.


reached another orgasm, this time with a doggie tongue

in my cunt.

Alfie kept licking and licking all my juices out of my

hot cunt. I had three more smaller orgasms with Jack's

dog and his marvelous tongue. Jack finally chased him

away after he saw me squirming to get his tongue out of

my pussy.

"Are you okay Amy" Jack asked as Alfie jumped off the


"Yeah, Oh that felt so good, his tongue is so rough and

long" I told him.

"Well, if you want him to do it again, I'm sure he

would be willing" Jack said to me

"You think he would. I have just a little more time, I

would like to feel it one more time" I told Jack.

"Why don't you get on your hands and knees that way

Alfie can just stand and lick you" Jack explained to


I quickly got into that position and Jack called Alfie

back up on the bed. He sniffed my pussy a few times and

then worked his tongue up my pussy hole. The dog's

tongue was so much rougher than Jack's and a lot longer

too. He was reaching spots that were never touched


"OHHHHH, OHHHHH, OHHHH, I'm almost there" I cried out

to Jack.

Alfie pulled his doggie tongue out of my cunt and

licked my slit. He ran his rough tongue up my ass

crack. I jumped and gave a yelp when he passed over my

ass hole. Alfie must have liked the taste because he

came back to my tight little brown hole and licked at

it. I felt his tongue enter my little preteen ass and

work its way deep into my bowels. His tongue kept going

in and out, in and out.




poured my cunt juice out on the bed once more.

I wiggled my ass on Alfie's doggie tongue as he kept

licking my hot ass hole. When I couldn't take any more

of his tongue I asked Jack to get him off. Jack said

that he might want to fuck me too. I told Jack that I

wasn't going to let a dog do that to me. He said if I

liked him licking me I would probably love to have him

fuck me.

"I don't have time Jack, I have to get home." I told


He told me that I could do it next time. He pushed

Alfie off the bed. I got up to dress and headed for

home. When I walked in the kitchen the phone was

ringing. I answered it and heard my best friend Terri

on the other end. She told me that her dad got sick and

they came home early. I told her to come right over

because I had so much to tell her.

Ten minutes later I heard the doorbell ring. I ran to

answer it, finding Terri standing of the porch with a

t-shirt in her hand. She told me that she bought it for

me while she was on vacation. I hugged her thanking her

for thinking of me and pulled her into the house. We

headed directly to my bedroom so I could tell my best

friend what I've learned the past few days.

"Yeah, come on Amy, do you really expect me to believe

all that" Terri squealed as I told her everything that

I have done.

"It's true Terri, I swear it is" I shot back at her

"Prove it, show me how you rub your pussy" She told me.

"Why don't you do it to, I can show you how" I offered

Teri and I slowly stood up beginning to undress. I

watched as my best friend took off all her clothes. She

had tits about the same size as mine, just little

puffers with large areolas and long nipples. Her pussy

was hairless and smooth. I could see a little dampness

forming in her cunt slit. We lay on the bed next to

each other. I reached down massaging my own tits and

pulling my nipples.

I twisted and turned my tit ends causing me to moan out

loud. I watched as Terri copied my moves. I moved my

hand down to my cunt running a finger through the wet

slit. I slowly sunk my finger into my wet cunt hole and

began to pump it in and out. I looked over at Terri

noticing that she had stopped and was watching me


"Doesn't that hurt when you put your finger inside" she

wanted to know.

"Nah, it hurt the first time that Jack put is dick in

me and broke my cherry" I informed her.

I kept plunging into my cunt as I felt that special

feeling building up fast in my body. I told Terri that

I was almost ready to come. I pumped my finger faster

as I yelled out that I was cumming. I poured my juice

out on my bed as Terri watched in awe. I pulled my

finger out when I was done and showed her how wet it

was. I placed my wet finger in my mouth licking it

clean of all my juices.

"EWWW, you put your own juice in your mouth" she


"Hey it really tastes good"

I told Terri that it was her turn to feel like that.

She told me that she didn't feel anything special when

she rubbed herself like I did. I told her to lay back

and let me try it. I reached down twisting and pulling

her nipples as my other hand ran through her cunt

crack. I heard her groan out as I found her hard little

clit. I pinched her clit between my fingers rolling it


"AAHHHHHHH, Amy, now it feels good" she whispered to


I ran my finger through her cunt crack as I bent my

head down placing my lips against her soft lips. I

licked her lips tasting the gum that she was chewing.

She opened her mouth to moan and I slipped my tongue

into her mouth. I explored her mouth with my tongue. I

found her piece of gum and pulled it into my mouth. She

moved her tongue into my mouth to get it back. We had a

friendly tongue fight over that piece of chewing gum. I

finally let her have her gum back as I moved my lips

down to her puffy little titties. I licked and nipped

at her long nipples. I sucked them into my hot mouth

pulling and softly biting each one in turn.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH, AAAAWWWWW, Amy do that more" she begged


I told her that I had better things to show her than

that. I kissed my way down her belly to her hairless

little 11 year old pussy. I ran my tongue into her

pussy crack tasting another person's juice for the very

first time. I tasted very much like mine, slightly

slimy but real good.


licked her hard clit.

I twirled my tongue around her clit causing her to

thrash around on the bed. I moved my body so my pussy

was over her head and lowered it down so she could

taste me. I felt her tongue tentatively touch my slit.

I could feel her tongue pull away as she tasted her

first taste of pussy. She must have liked the taste

because her tongue was back in my cunt slit almost


I pushed my tongue into her wet cunt hole and licked

her pussy walls. I felt her copy my every move with her

tongue. I pumped my tongue in and out of her pussy and

she followed my lead and did the same thing to me. I

thought I would see how far she would go. I pulled my

tongue out of her cunt and ran it up and down her slit

again. I lifted her legs running my tongue down her ass

crack. I played my tongue around her brown hole pushing

it in slightly.

"UUUGGGHHHH, OOHHHH Amy isn't that dirty"

"OOOHHHH it feels so good though, OHHHHHH" Terri sighed

to me.

I told her that at first I thought it was nasty but

when I tried it, it wasn't so bad. Terri surprised me

by running her tongue over my ass hole too. She told me

that I was right and that it didn't taste bad at all.

We continued to rim each other until I told her to

stop. She wanted to know what was wrong. I told her

that it was time for her to feel the pleasure of her

first orgasm. I moved between her legs and began to

lick her pussy again. I got her to the point where her

little pussy was seeping out her juice steadily.

I lapped at her sweetness as I placed a finger at her

cunt hole. Slowly I began to push my finger into her. I

heard her yelp in pain as I hit her cherry with my

finger. I asked her if she wanted me to break through

or wait and do it with a cock. She told me to do it

with my finger but to do it fast to get it over with. I

rammed my finger deep into her virgin cunt tearing

through her hymen.


my finger sunk all the way into her pussy.

"Oh Amy, wait a minute, it hurts yet" she whimpered as

I started to move my finger.

I waited until she told me to go. I slowly pumped my

finger in and out of her cunt like a little cock. I

eased my finger in and out of her pussy slowly so she

could experience the intense pleasure of her first

finger fuck.

"Oh Amy, Oh go deeper, Oh faster OHHHHHHHHHH" she cried

to me.

I started to plunge my finger into her wet cunt faster

and faster. I could feel her juices run out of her

hole, down her ass crack to the bed. I clamped my lips

over her hard little clit as I rammed my finger into

her wet hot cunt. I took my other finger and played

with her ass hole.

"UUUUUGGGGHHHHHH, Oh Amy something is happening" she

yelled out loud

I slid my finger all the way into her tight ass hole. I

sunk it in as far as I could get it and stroked both of

her holes with my finger.


bucked her hips up to me.


she reached her first orgasm.

Her hips were still bucking against my fingers as she

had her second and third orgasms. Terri finally pushed

my head away from her pussy and told me to stop.

"Oh Jeez, that was totally awesome. I never felt that

good before" she told me.

"See, I told you that it was good" I said

"Do you think Jack would fuck me" Terri wanted to know.

"I'm sure that he would love to do it to you" I told

her excitedly

I told her that the next day she should come over here

early and I would take her to meet Jack. Terri left for

home as I had to finish rubbing myself so I could feel

good too. The next morning Terri arrived bright and

early. Mom asked us what we were going to do today and

we told her that we were going to the park all day. She

said her good-byes and her and day left for work. Terri

and I headed for the park.

I saw Jack and Alfie on the opposite side of the park.

We walked over to say hello. I introduced Terri to Jack

and his dog. I told him that Terri would like to join

us in our fun. He looked scared when he realized that I

told someone. I said that he shouldn't worry, I didn't

say a word about him to anybody else. I explained that

Terri is my best friend and I want her to feel

everything I feel.

I told him that Terri and I licked each other

yesterday. Jack told me that he would like to see us do

that again. I told him that if we could go to his house

Terri and I would show him right now. He called Alfie

to come back and we headed for his house. We went right

to the bedroom where Jack sat in the chair next to the

bed and asked us to take each others clothes off. He

told us that we should put a show on for him.

I pulled Terri close to me placing my lips on hers. I

ran my tongue against her lips so she would know to

open her mouth. We both had our mouths wide open so

Jack could see our tongue action. I pulled Terri's t-

shirt over her head exposing her little puffy tits and

nipples to Jack. I ran my hand down to her nipples

giving each of them a little twist and pull.

She returned the favor by taking my top off and

pinching my nipples to get them hard and stiff. I knelt

down in front of her and yanked her shorts and panties

down to the floor. I pulled them off her feet and

tossed them to Jack. He stuck his nose in Terri's

panties and took a big sniff of the crotch.

Terri followed my lead and pulled my pants and panties

down also. When we were both naked, Jack told us to

stand in front of him so he could admire our beauty. We

stood still with our hands at our sides while he looked

us up and down. Terri and I could see the huge bulge in

his shorts where his cock was. I led Terri back to the

bed and we both crawled on top of the sheets.

I kissed Terri deeply sucking her tongue into my mouth

and gently biting at it. We fought with our tongues

while each of us was rubbing the others tits. Jack told

us to get into the "69" position. We complied

immediately and began sucking each others pussy's.

Terri was already soaking wet just like me. I ran my

tongue through her hot slit licking her clit and

nipping at it. She ran her tongue all over my pussy and

up my ass crack. She tongue fucked my brown hole while

fingering my pussy. Jack had taken his cock out of his

pants and was slowly stroking himself as he watched

Terri and me. I did the same thing that Terri was doing

to me, I put a finger into her ass and one into her

cunt. We both were moaning and groaning as we began to

feel the build up of pleasure.

Suddenly both of us screamed out at the same time as we

each flooded the other ones mouth with our hot slimy

girl cum. Both of our preteen pussy's poured out large

amounts of juice which we both sucked down. When we

were finished I rolled off the top of Terri and we both

looked at Jack. He clapped his hands in approval.

"That was the sexiest thing I ever saw" he told both of


"Are you going to fuck Terri now" I asked him bluntly.

"Only if she wants me to" he replied.

"Oh I do, Jack I want to try it please" she begged him.

Jack crawled on the bed telling Terri to get on top.

She straddled his body putting her hairless 11 year old

cunt on top of his huge cock. I heard her gasp loudly

as she felt his cock against her clit. She began to run

her pussy all over his cock shaft and dickhead.

"OOOHHHH" she sighed as she felt Jack's cock hit her


I told her to lift her butt up. When she raised her ass

I grabbed Jack's cock placing it against her tight cunt

hole. I told her to lower herself down on his cock. She

sunk down a little and I watched as her pussy spread

open to accommodate Jack's large mushroom head. Terri

grunted loudly as his cock popped into her tight hole.

She held herself steady while she grew accustomed to

his cock. I heard Terri let out a huge sigh and then

sink the rest of the way down on his cock. She put the

entire length of his hard cock in her little hole with

one steady movement. Terri smiled at me as Jack's balls

were touching her ass. She rotated her hips moving his

cock in her pussy. I told her to start bouncing up and

down on his cock.

"OOOHHHH, OOHHHH, its happening again, Oh it's

happening again" she cried out.

Terri let out a blood curdling scream when she went

over the top of her orgasm as she bounced on Jack's

stiff cock. Jack grabbed her hips and drove his cock

deep into her preteen cunt. Terri flopped around on

Jack's cock like a rag doll as he pounded into her.

"AAAAAHHHHHEEHHH" she yelled out as he pulled her young

body down hard on his hard cock over and over.

Jack gave on more mighty thrust upward and unloaded his

hot sticky cum deep inside of my best friend. Terri

screamed out her third orgasm as she felt his hot load

washing the inside of her young cunt canal. I saw

Terri's eyes roll back and her body go limp as she

passed out on top of Jack. When Jack had finished

pumping his load into her, he lifted her gently off is

deflating prick and laid her on the bed. I watched as

her eyes fluttered open and she let out a huge sigh.

"That had to be the best feeling that I have ever felt"

she told us.

Alfie wandered into the bedroom sniffing the air. He

jumped on the bed and began to clean Terri's sopping

wet cunt of all its combined juices. Terri let out a

yelp of surprise when she felt a rough tongue slide

into her well fucked cunt. She didn't pull away from

the dog's tongue but actually spread her legs wider to

give him better access.

"OOOHHHH, UUUGGGHHHH, OOOHHHH, his tongue feels so

good" she sighed out.

Alfie licked her preteen cunt deeply lapping up all the

little girl juice that was oozing out of her hole. The

dog withdrew his tongue from Terri's cunt and sniffed

at her little brown ass hole. He licked her tight ass

with his rough doggie tongue causing her cunt to leak

more juice from her hole.

"AAAHHHHH, OHHHHHH, Oh he has his tongue way up my

butt" she panted out loud as Alfie slid his doggie

tongue deep into her bowels.

I looked at Alfie noticing that his doggie cock was

sticking out of its sheath. It was glistening with

doggie precum as it stood out hard and red. I reached

over and rubbed his cock for him.

Alfie started to pump his cock into my fist as I jacked

the dog off. I had an idea, I removed my hand and told

Alfie to get up. I lifted his front paws over Terri's

back and Alfie's instinct took over as he jabbed his

doggie dick at Terri's little cunt. It took the dog a

few tries before he hit the mark and pushed his cock

into my best friends 11 year old cunt.

"OOHHHHH my God, OOHHHHH Amy he's fucking me" Terri

cried out.

Alfie pushed his cock deep into Terri with one giant

push. I saw Terri's eyes grow wide as she felt her

tight pussy spread to accept the doggie dick. Alfie

began to thrust fast and deep into Terri.

"OOHHH, OOHHH, OOHHH, I'm cumming, Oh jeez, I'm cumming


screamed as she experienced a huge orgasm on the cock

of a dog.

I watched as Alfie's knot started to swell locking them

together. Terri moaned loudly as her cunt was stretched

wider as his knot filled her little pussy. She screamed

out another orgasm as Alfie let out a sharp yelp and

filled her cunt with his hot sticky doggie cum. He

rammed his red cock deep into her cunt holding it there

by his swollen knot.


Alfie finally pulled from her cunt.

Jack and I watched as the doggie cum ran out of her

well fucked preteen hole. She told me that I had to try

that. She said it was so good because even though the

dog was smaller in size he went so fast it really felt

great. I told her that I would try as soon as Alfie was


Jack walked over to Terri and offered his cock to her.

She opened her mouth sucking him deep into her throat.

She bobbed her head on his cock licking the entire head

of his hardness. It wasn't long before Jack groaned out

as he pumped loads of hot cum down her throat. Terri

gulped every drop of his cum and sucked for more. Jack

had to pull away from her before she sucked his dick

off. Jack to me that he thought we might have created a

sex monster. We all laughed at the thought of that. I

told Terri that we had better get ready to go. She

asked me if I wanted to fuck Alfie one time before we

left. I told her that we had time and I was game for


I got on the bed on my hands and knees calling for

Alfie. The dog jumped on the bed and came over to me

sniffing at my pussy. He buried his tongue into my hot

canal and licked my juices from my hole. His tongue

snaked deep into my slimy hole making me shudder in

delight. He licked my cunt crack and ran his rough

tongue up my ass crack.

"OOHHHH, Alfie, good dog, Oh lick my ass buddy,

OOHHHHHH" I cried out as his tongue sunk into my tight

ass hole.

Alfie ran his tongue in and out of my tight wrinkled

little brown hole. He slobbered his saliva all over my

ass and pussy. I felt him climb up, putting his paws

around my waist as he began to stab his hard doggie

dick at my pussy. He was having a hard time finding the



as he found the hole, the wrong hole.

I yelled as his cock sunk deeply into my ass hole. He

began to fuck my tight ass fast and furious.

"OOHHHH, OOHHH, OOHHHH I can't believe how fast he is

going" I groaned.


cumming, Oh my God, I'm cumming,


swelled inside of my ass.

I heard the dog yelp as he pumped his hot doggie cum

inside of my bowels. He kept pumping fast into me as he

emptied his canine sperm up my ass. When his knot

finally went down he pulled his cock out of my butt

going to the corner to clean himself off.

I lay there panting in pleasure as my body returned to

normal. Terri asked how it felt to get fucked in the

butt by a dog. I told her that he went so fast it was

really good. Terri and I looked at the clock telling

Jack that we had better leave. I told him that we

didn't want to get in trouble so we had to leave. We

asked him if we could do this again soon. He told us

anytime we wanted to come over we were more than

welcome to come over.

On the way home, we walked through the park. We walked

real slowly so we could talk about what just occurred.

I asked Terri how she felt now that she was fucked. She

told me that she loved everything we did. She told me

that she really liked to lick me, she said was her

favorite thing. I told her that any time she wanted to

do it just let me know.

"Hey Amy, can I ask you something with out you getting

mad at me" she asked softly.

"Sure, you can always ask me anything" I informed her

"Do you ever think about doing that stuff with your

dad" she wanted to know

I thought about what she asked. My dad was a good

looking man who kept himself in great shape. I often

secretly wondered what it would be like to let him

touch me and stuff.

"Yeah, I guess I have, why do you ask" I said to her.

She told me that she has noticed how my dad looks at

her when she comes over and says that she could

probably get him to play with her. Terri said that if

he plays with her then he would have to do it to me or

she would tell on him. I didn't like to trick my dad

like that but the idea of letting him fuck me was

thrilling. I asked her just how she planned on doing


Terri told me that her mom could get my mom to go

shopping together leaving my dad at home by himself.

She said that I could say I was going to the park or

somewhere and when I was gone she would come over

looking for me. She told me that would leave her alone

with my dad. I told to set it up with her mom and I

would do my part to be gone.

It was almost a week before Terri told me that her mom

was going to call my mother and asked her to go

shopping with her. Terri would wait until I left the

house before coming over to see my dad. Terri's mom

came about noon to pick my mom up. Dad was watching a

ball game on TV. I went in the family room telling him

that I was going to a friend's house for the afternoon.

He asked me if it was Terri and I told him no, just

someone I met at the park. He told me to be home by 6

and said good-bye. I headed out the door looking to see

Terri coming down the street. I ran to her telling her

that she should do it to him in the family room with

the curtains open. I told her that I wanted to watch

through the window. She agreed to do that and headed

off to my house as I circled back around to our


I was peeking in the family room window when I saw dad

get up to answer the door. I saw Terri and dad walk

into the family room. Dad sat back down on the couch as

Terri sat next to him with her leg touching his. The

window was open slightly so I could here their


"When do you think Amy will be back Mr. Healy" Terri

asked my dad

"I don't know Terri, it may be a while" he told her.

"Do you mind if I wait for her, I need to talk to her"

she said to my father.

"I suppose it would be okay, do you want something to

drink" dad asked my friend.

Terri told my dad that she wasn't thirsty. They made

small talk while dad watched the game.

"Do you think I'm pretty" Terri asked during the

commercial break.

That question took my dad by surprise as he looked at

her and stuttered that she looked pretty. Terri told

him that she always thought of herself as plain and not

that pretty.

My dad was very polite and told her that she was indeed

pretty and will grow up to be a beautiful woman.

"How can I be pretty when I hardly have any boobs yet"

she asked him.

I could see my dad blushing brightly and he told her

that they will develop in time and he said that they

will be just perfect. She told him that she didn't

think that they would ever get big. With that last

statement she stood up and lifted her t-shirt to show

my dad her braless chest. She stuck her little puffy

tits out for my dad to see. I heard a low moan escape

my dad's lips as he stared at her 11 year old chest.

"Terri, I think you should cover yourself up" he


"But I want to show you that they have been this size

for almost a half year now." Terri told him.

"Feel them, they are so small" she said to my dad.

She took his hand and placed it over her breast. I

watched as my dad began to fondle my best friend's tit

and nipple. Terri moaned as dad pulled her little

nipple giving it a twist. I watched as Terri stepped

forward putting her tit right in front of my dad's

mouth. I saw him lick his lips before he kissed her

little puffy tit.

I watched as dad swirled his tongue around her hard

little nipple. He sucked it into his mouth causing

Terri to groan out in pleasure. Dad washed one and then

the other nipple with his mouth and tongue. Terri

reached down pulling her shorts and panties down to the

floor. She put her hands on dad's head pushing his head

down toward her hairless little preteen pussy. Dad sat

back looking at the bald slit with its glistening lips

and I could see the lust in his eyes.

Dad leaned forward licking Terri's wet cunt slit with

his tongue. He gathered all of her preteen juices and

swallowed them down his throat. I could see the huge

bulge in dad's shorts as he continued to lick my

friend's preteen pussy. Terri told him that she wanted

to see his hard cock. Dad stood up dropping his shorts

and boxers to the floor. Terri let out a gasp as she

saw my dad's 8 inch long cock. It was almost as big

around as her wrist.

"Oh Mr. Healy it's so big. It's beautiful" she moaned

out while staring at it.

Terri dropped to her knees and sucked my dad's cock

head into her mouth. She licked all over the head of

his massive cock. Dad was groaning with each lick to

Terri's tongue. He told her to lie on the floor. When

she was down on her back, he climbed on top of her with

his face at her cunt and his cock by her face. Terri

quickly shoved her mouth over my dad's hard cock and

began to suck it gently.

Dad buried his face in her pussy licking all the

preteen juices that he could find. Terri ran her tongue

down my dad's cock shaft to his hairy balls. She gently

sucked each on in her mouth running her tongue all

around each one. She raised her head up slightly

running her tongue up his ass crack. She stopped to rim

his wrinkled brown eye.

"Jesus Terri, where did you learn to do that" dad

groaned out to my best friend.

"I learned that from Amy" she told him

"Huh, what the hell are you talking about" he asked her

Terri told my dad that we have been having sex with

each other for awhile now and enjoy licking each others

butt holes. Thankfully she didn't say anything about

Jack. Terri went back to rimming my dad's ass while she

stroked his stiff dick with her hand. When his ass was

slick with her saliva she took his hardness back into

her mouth and eased a finger into his ass hole.

"UUUGGGHHHHH, OOHHHHHH fuck Terri, that is so good" he

sighed out loud.

My dad told Terri that he would really like to fuck

her. Terri told him that she had hoped he would. Terri

asked my dad how he wanted her. Dad said that he would

like to fuck her doggie style. Terri got on her hands

and knees waiting for my dad to begin. He ran his cock

up and down her wet slit getting it nice and slippery.

Dad eased the head of his huge cock into Terri's 11

year old cunt. He pussy stretched wide to allow the

head of his dick to enter her little hole. Terri was

panting trying to concentrate to take his cock inside

of her.

"Oh Mr. Healy hold it just a sec, it is so big, give me

a minute to get use to it" Terri said to my dad.

Dad held still waiting for a sign from Terri that she

was ready to resume. It wasn't long before Terri began

to push her hips back to my dad's cock. Dad grabbed her

by the hips and sunk in massive cock all the way into

her preteen pussy.


as his massive cock sliced all the way up her cunt.

My dad didn't waste any time, he began to pump his huge

cock in and out of her cunt. He took long strokes

sinking his massive tool deep into Terri's pussy. Each

one of his strokes were faster than the one before it.

Soon he was pounding his hard cock into her wet cunt.

"OOHHH, OOHHH, OHHHH, I'm cumming, Oh I'm cumming

OOHHHHH" she screamed out as her first orgasm hit her.

My dad continued to push his stiff cock into her

preteen pussy as she moaned and groaned as another wave

of pleasure washed over her.

"Oh Mr. Healy, put it in my butt, please put it in my

butt" Terri begged my dad.

"Are you sure you want me to fuck your ass sweetie" my

dad wanted to know.

Terri pulled forward so my dad's cock slipped out of

her cunt and wiggled her ass back at my dad. He let a

big drop of spit land on her upturned ass and eased his

huge cock head against her tight little rosebud. I

could hear Terri pant as dad pushed his fat cock until

his big mushroom capped head popped into her ass hole.

"UUUUUGGGHHHHH, OOHHHHHHH, Oh jeez, it's so big,

OHHHHH" she sighed out loudly to him.



Dad eased another inch of his massive cock into her

preteen ass hole. I watched as Terri shuddered through

another orgasm as dad held his cock inside of her


"OOHHHH, I'm cumming, OOHHHH I'm cumming" Terri

screamed as she rammed her hips back forcing my dad's

entire 8 inch to slide deep inside of her ass channel.


yelled as her young preteen body shook as dad rammed

his large cock into her ass.


shouted to my dad.

Dad began to take long hard strokes, pushing is massive

8 inch cock deeper in her ass. I heard dad moan out as

he pumped Terri full of his hot sticky cum. He held his

dick deep in her bowels as he unloaded a huge load of

cum up her ass. I could see some of it leaking out her

stretched hole around his shaft. I figured this would

be a good time to walk in on them. I ran around to the

front door, entering quietly. I removed my clothes in

the hallway and walked into the family room.

"Well, what do I see here" I said out loud

"Terri and my dad looked up. Terri was smiling broadly

but dad was as pale as a ghost. He quickly pulled his

softening cock out of Terri's ass trying to cover it

up. I walked over naked to my daddy and grabbed his

cock with my hands. I dropped to me knees and cleaned

his large organ with my tongue. I heard him moan as I

put his cock head into my mouth and licked all around

the shaft of his tool. Terri came over and joined my.

Dad now had two preteen tongues running around his

already hard again cock.

"Oh baby, you are so beautiful" dad whispered to me as

I had a mouthful of his cock.

"Hey, what about me, I need cleaning too" Terri laughed

at me.

I turned her around and buried my face into her leaking

ass and began to clean my best friend's ass of my dad's

cum. I placed my mouth over her ass hole and sucked

gently as the last of my dad's cum entered my mouth

with a loud slurping sound. When Terri's ass was

finally cleaned she pulled away to watch my dad fuck


Dad rolled me over so I was flat on my back. He leaned

over placing his lips against mine. I could feel the

heat of his cock as it lay against my pussy. He ran his

tongue around my lips until I opened my mouth and

sucked it into mine. I played with his tongue, sucking

and nipping at it while he played with my puffy tits

and nipples.

He pinched each of my nipples hard and twisted them

roughly as I sucked his tongue deeper in my mouth. I

let out a loud moan to show him that I loved what he

was doing to me. He kissed his way to my breasts. He

took one then the other in his mouth. Dad kept kissing

his way down until his lips were against my pussy.

"OHHHH, OOHHH, daddy put you tongue in me, OHHHHHHH" I

sighed as he pushed his tongue deeply into my pussy.

Daddy ran his tongue all over my little hairless

preteen pussy. He licked every nook and cranny

searching out my sweet little girl juice with his

probing tongue. I was bucking my hips to his mouth

trying to force more of his tongue into my cunt.

"Oh daddy put you dick in me please, I want to feel you

inside of me, please daddy" I begged him.

He told me to get on top of him and lower myself over

his cock. He held it so it was pointing straight up in

the air. I moved so my wet preteen cunt was over his

hardness. I lowered myself down sinking his entire

length into my wet cunt channel.


sighed as I ground my hips on his stiff cock.

Terri came over and lowered her bald pussy to my dad's

face. I started to ride my daddy's cock as I watched

his tongue snake up inside of Terri's hot wet pussy.

Terri leaned forward kissing me deeply thrusting her

tongue into my mouth. The three of us were busy trying

our best to make someone feel good.

I felt my dad's hands grab hold of my hips and start to

move me faster up and down on his stiff cock. I could

feel his cock hitting my cervix deep inside of me. I

was moaning continuously as he pounded my little cunt

without mercy.

"OOHHHH daddy, faster, OOHHHH harder, OOHHHH daddy

please harder" I cried out to him.

I felt the familiar feeling beginning deep inside my cunt and I knew that I would be flooding my juices soon. I cried out to my daddy to fuck me deeper and

harder. I felt him slamming his hard cock into my cunt.

"OOHHHH daddy yyeeessssssss, OHHHHHHHH I'm cumming, Oh

I'm cumming" I shouted out to him

"AAAAHHHHEEEEEEE" I hollered as I gushed out my juices.

I felt his cock swell and heard him grunt as he flooded my little 11 year old pussy with his hot sticky cum. I had another massive orgasm just thinking that this sperm came from the same balls that made me 11 years ago. I writhed on my daddy's cock milking every drop of his cum out of his balls. I heard Terri shout out that she was cumming and watched as she soaked my dad's face with her preteen juices. He licked every drop into his mouth and swallowed the sweet liquid down.

When we all recovered my dad wanted to know where we learned so much about sex. I told him not to ask so many questions and to just enjoy the fact that he has two young girls that are willing to do anything he wishes with him. When daddy heard me say he could do anything with us, Terri and I both saw his cock rise to its full 8 inches once again. We both laughed and asked daddy what his wish was. He said that we didn't have a lot of time left so he would settle for a good blow job from both of us.

Terri and I started to lick his shaft together. I played with his balls while Terri ran her fingers up and down his ass crack. It didn't take daddy long before he groaned and he shot his load over both of our faces. We kept pumping his cock until it quit spurting his cum. When he was finished spraying our faces with his hot sticky cum, Terri and I cleaned each others face with our tongues. We both lapped up all of my dad's cum and gulped it all down. We sat back and told him that we plan on doing a lot more of this later.


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