::This past Saturday/Sunday, the WWE lost a beautiful man, Eddie Guerrero to heart failure. He had abused alcohol and drugs in the past, and because of this abuse, his heart enlarged, and it killed him. He was a beautiful man. And I cried witht eh superstars and the fans on Monday and I still cry and I don't want to believe that he's gone. This is dedicated to him. We miss you Eddie.Gamista::

Latino Heat 1967-2005

You were taken from us
And became an Angel

You were a man of faith
So you are in a better place
WWE Champion John Cena

You were a humble man
And you thanked those who thanked you
WWE 'RAW's Ring Announcer Lillian Garcia

You united a family
From the top dog to the lowest of the low
WWE Icon Shawn Michaels

You had a dream
And you achieved it
WWE Superstar Chavo Guerrero

You were always struggling, emotionally and physically
But when the music blared, you left it backstage
World Heavyweight Champion, Dave Bautista

You were an inspiration
As a wrestler, a man, and a human being
WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio

Words cannot describe you
And how much you are missed
WWE Superstar Chris Benoit

You were the master of emotions
But you are an inspiration
WWE Superstar Triple H

You were an amazing man
Inside and outside the ring
WWE's Billion Dollar Princess, Stephanie McMahon

You lied, you cheated, and you stole
Just to make your fans happy
You could make us hate you, and then love you
And no one would have it any other way
Your heart died
But your spirit never will
I say farewell Eddie Guerrero
But I won't say 'Good-bye'
I will say this though,
I love you, ese
Viva La Raza!
Latino Heat burns brighter than ever!