Rest in the Depths

The end of the day stings me

As, crawling back into honesty,

The wilting petals of protection

are shed

lean deeply into the mirror,

which learns to behave as a microscope

scrutinizing my wasteland face

It finds me reading the skin

stretched over my face;

my body-

written in a barren language-

to be read like an insincere love poem

Pursuing words again,

feeling lonelier than a sin roaming heaven,

Again they evade me

Instead I finally trade them

for a few gnawing thoughts-

playing on repeat, rattling around

like pennies in a can

Holding my water can downturned

an ocean is made full-

teeming with living words & sentences

that bathe me

These 24 hours grow weary,

I long to sink so low-

to rest in the depths of

a silent blue womb

cacooned in stillness and isolation

listen to the soft percussion

of my heart

aching quietly from within this

pulsing hollow of a body

The rhythm lulls me

with my thoughts growing dizzy

body waiting limply

with the clock ever ticking,

time ushers me eventually

ino the stunning new day.