Pain, now
Is nothing more than a distant parade
Numb, now
Instant relief in the form of a blade

Line after line
I'm red right before you
Time after time
Slowly, I'm drifting from you

Changed, now
The person I was has fallen from reflection
Broken, now
I take the blows that once required deflection

Scar after scar
The pain drips right off me
Cut after cut
I'm setting my soul free

Sure, now
After all that I've done I see no reaction
Gone, now
My cries to be saved have sparked no action

Razor past razor
I'm dying inside
Drop after drop
The anguish I hide

As the days pass by me endlessly
The color has drained from my face
And the person I believed I was
Has been lost forever in his own pace
I tried to show you just how much it hurts
And why I haven't seemed the same
As I roll up my sleeves and show the damage done
Know all the times your mind skipped through my name