I'll admit, Mr. Flames, you posted a very clever essay. It's full of shit I've never even said before, but very clever. Let me guess, you consider it a victory? Mind you, the only reason I am writing in what you call the "readable format" is because I want you to read this for your own good. I could fucking care less if you read these or not. If your opinion of me actually mattered, I might care a little more. I re-posted my review on the other essay for a reason, but you didn't fall into the trap. I applaud you on that. You continually surprise me. This response will be to both what you said in the essay, and in your response to the review I left you on i AM impressed.

For starters, I have never critiqued anyone about calling this a war. You've criticized me for saying that. Call it whatever the fuck you want; I could care less. Half of your argument is based on the premise that I think that I'm right. For your information, I have never said that, nor will I, because I'm smart enough to know that that's not the truth. I have also never said that I wrong, and just because you assume I've said that doesn't mean I have. No one's opinion, not even yours, is above anyone else's. We all the same ability to think, as you have pointed out. Therefore, no man's opinion is above anyone else's.

Face it, you want my story gone. If you're trying to convince me to take it off, then you want it off too, otherwise you wouldn't try. Analogy: In today's society Flames, pointing a gun at someone's head and making them pull the trigger is still murder. Trying to convince me to take my story off still means you want it off too.

You think I don't want you to be honest? Again, I have never said that. The only comment I've made on reviews is asking(asking, not demanding)that you do not review my stories if you have nothing new to say. I already know your opinions of me and my argument, Flames, I don't need to hear them again. However, that was only a request. If you want to be honest, then be honest, just make sure you realize that your opinion is not the "right" one, nor the universal one. There are people on this site who like my story and don't think it's shitty at all. Newsflash, just because somebody disagrees with you doesn't mean you're "right."(speaking in your terms.)

I posted my story on Fanfiction for the same reason I posted it on Fictionpress: So that anybody who wants to read it can do so. Keep in mind, people get a choice on this site. They can either click on a link, or not, but if they do, they my responsibilities end. I have put up the story and the disclaimer; as many "warnings" as I can. You choose to read it, then that's your risk. You don't like my story here, than ignore it.

I know what illegal and intellectual property is. I didn't tell you my definitions because that was not what I was trying to prove with that sentence.

Nice try on trying to make us look bad(this part isn't directed solely at you). However, we have been applying our own criticisms to ourselves for a while. We're waiting for you to do the same to yourselves. I have said some harsh things to users on this site in the past and I have apologized for it. I have admitted that I have helped extend this conflict further, I have admitted that my story kicked the conflict off, and I have admitted that I am hypocrite. Justin, too, has admitted when his was mistaken on a few things. You all keep claiming your "innocence" in this conflict. You claim it's all my fault that it continued. I can see your logic; I made a choice to write a response connected with the Fanfiction topic after I was attacked. Here's the thing, though, people: same thing applies to you all. By reviewing our work, you have made a choice to risk extending the argument further, just like I take another risk by responding, and then you take another risk by responding back. You all claim you don't care about this whole thing. The fact is, though, if you didn't care, you wouldn't review, and you do; and anyone who posts essays on the Fanfiction topic or reviews any essay in any type of response, is involved and adding more material onto the argument. In other words, by reviewing, you extend the argument further. I don't see why you're so reluctant to admit that, and take a little blame. If any of you admit to that after this, it'll be the first for most. Your choice, though.

Angry? I'm not angry with you, Mr. Flames. These are your opinions, and I respect them. Here's some advice though: while using harsh language is sometimes a good way to provoke thinking, it tends to make the people more angry at you, and this causes them not to think at all. Now, me, personally, I've never been angry at you, but I have occasionally used harsh language on people I know to try and motivate them, and I've found that doing that actually makes them scared to think at all, which is far from what I wanted but is perfect for people like you, who have this mentality:

"I am right, and you are wrong. Any questions?"
Me and Justin have achieved our goal. People used to post essays with the goal of making fun of us, and you loved those, because we were taking it so seriously and you were joking around with that. Now Justin has come back and posted essays making fun of you, and all of sudden now you're taking it seriously and we're joking around with that. We've gotten you to see and even live, in some senses, our side of the fight. And now some people are claiming that it's stupid, even though it was the same thing you were doing to us. Those people have such great logic apparently. I'm not complaining though. Who honestly give a shit about what people think of them? Everyone's opinion of other people are worth shit. Who doesn't know that? I know me and Justin do. You?

There is no right or wrong.

I didn't have to ask my professors, they told me that there was no right and wrong on the first day. And they don't grade our papers, only the occasional quizzes(if you want me to tell you how the system works, then I'll tell you). And the Iraq war has come up in conversation with one of my professors. When I asked him his personal thoughts, he told me that he couldn't say whether it was right or wrong because there is no right and wrong. He said that no matter what the outcome of the Iraq war is, people are always going to argue about whether or not it was "right" or "wrong." "So I don't do that. The war will play out how it plays out. It won't play out wrong, it won't play out right. It'll play out the way it plays out. So if the result isn't right or wrong, how can the process be right or wrong?" It's like "you say 'tomato', I say 'tomato'." Either way you choose to pronounce the word "tomato", it doesn't change anything about the object. Whether or not any of us think that the Iraq war is "right" or "wrong" is not going to change its outcome, whatever that is. My teacher also says that people today are obsessed or get obsessed with being right. "If you're just obsessed with getting it right all the time, you leave no space in your head to learn and are very close-minded. Those people dominate society today, though, which sucks." Later on, I told him what you said about their "hypothetical beliefs". It was only supposed to be a joke, but, nevertheless, he responded to it: "Well I hope you're not listening to him. Bryan, the only thing that is hypothetical is the concept of a true right and wrong. Those that believe in that concept are not present in real world; they are present in their own imaginations."

Me and him are talking about the perception of right and wrong; The one that comes from personal judgments, personal opinions; the brain, not an answer key like you would have on a test or a paper. Of course there's a right and wrong for a paper or a test because that right and wrong is based off of an answer sheet; if the answer's C, than it can't be A. Is life like that? Do we know the answer, the outcome, of things before we do them? No. We don't know what's going to happen next; we don't the answers, so how can we say that something is right or wrong? Laws and rules are not answers because they can be changed, while factual answers can't be changed. Again, if the answer is C, than it can't be A. You don't have an answer key to everything in the world, Flames, therefore how can you say something is right or wrong?

Let's say you do know what is right and wrong, Mr. Flames. In that case, answer these questions for me:

1. Who will win the 2012 presidency, and by how many popular and electoral votes?

a. Candidate number 1 by 526,013 popular and 36 electoral votes.

b. Candidate number 2 by 1,333 popular and 2 electoral votes.

c. Candidate number 3 by 100,457 popular and 15 electoral votes.

d. Candidate number 4 by 324,899 popular and 20 electoral votes.

2. How will the U.S. War in Iraq end?

a. In ten years, the U.S. will pull out of Iraq and the government will stand strong.

b. In twenty years, the U.S. will pull out of Iraq and the government will immediately falter and go back to a Dictatorship.

c. The U.S. will never pull out of Iraq. They will use it as a base country for future strikes in the Middle East.

3. When will the abortion issue be settled?

a. Soon.

b. Very soon. The pro-choice people are going to give in.

c. Very soon. The pro-life people are going to give in.

d. When the government decides what's its going to do about Roe v. Wade. When that happens and they choose a side again, all the fighting will stop forever.

4.Will Fanfiction ever be allowed on FictionPress?

a. Yes, eventually.

b. No, the FictionPress administrators will never change the rule, ever.

c. No, and soon enough all shitty FanFiction will be cleansed from existing.

d. Yes, and no one will challenge the administrators decision.

5.What is the meaning of life?

a. To make a difference in someone's life.

b. To live.

c. To survive.

d. To fill everyone's home with little paper swans.

There are sample questions that I can't even guess the right answer to. I'm sure you'll be able to answer them for me with the right answer, and not the wrong one.

You see, awareness is the skeleton key to our intelligence. It allows us to perceive things and thus allows us to question them, but not know the answers to them. If right and wrong existed, we wouldn't be able to question things because we'd already know the answers, and we wouldn't be able to learn anything. Where's the excitement in that?

Yes, Flames, you can be a hypocrite. Just because you're a hypocrite doesn't mean you're wrong(refer to above argument), it just means you're a hypocrite. If you're going to try and prove otherwise, you first have to prove that there is a right and wrong by answering the above questions with the "right" answer, and any other question I can ask you, as well.

"There are some people who like Hitler, too, but I don't see you defending him."

While that may be true, it doesn't mean that they have no say. We may not agree all the time, but one opinion is still as valid as another. Nice try, though.

Sincerely and whole-heartedly,