I want to tell a story

I want to tell my story

who wants to know?

you? so listen

I had a pretty doll

with no name

I cared for it so much

I adorned its nails

we drank tea

I dressed it curly hair

we ate mud pies

I bought fashion clothes to it

we gave walks

Italked with it my worries

because I didn't have a honest friend

I wasn't very happy

the castle I made of sand

fell against me

like bucket of cold water

I don't know how I learned

to keep silent

oh my, oh my

my doll already isn't pretty

my doll already isn't pretty

a day the doll damaged

so I hurled it

and I knew what is good

can be bad too

people is heartless

this world isn't mine

with the exception of...

let's make a promise

I will fall ill

when you sneeze

I will leave

when you want me to

I will die when you..

one and one two forever

I will love you

when you love me