Burn the factory
Break the machines
Shred the instructions
Shatter the glass
Shoot down the cameras
Begin the deconstruction.

The factory turned out drones,
Stupid mindless clones
Nothing of their own
Each went thru the same machine
Drilled into the same routine
Didn't know what anything means

Each one made to the same template
Shared likes, dislikes, loves and hates
Even intertwined their fates
Umbilical cord between their minds
Never forget the rest of their kind
No independence, never leave them behind

No independence, must stick together
Flock of birds sharing one single feather
Uniformity a binding tether
Always behave as you were meant to be
Never escape, never break free
Never achieve indiviuality

Till you break the cords
Till you break the mould
Till you break the chain
And you free yourself
And you free your soul
And you free your brain.

Reach out
Take the knife
Cut the cord
Reach out
Claim your life
Truthful sword.

Be yourself at last
Uniformity's past
Give the machines a blast
Set yourself free
Let yourself be
Join me.

Accept others for who they are
Reach out for your distant star
Go the course, however far.
Always finish what you start
Always have hope in your heart
Always help to pull the cart

Wreck the factory
Break the mahines
Let others live
Let them be