The Story Of My Life

This Is Me

Part one

All around me are people,

Talking, laughing, having fun.

But they ignore me because

They think I don't want to talk.

The truth is,

I am too scared to join them.

I am afraid that they will laugh at me.

They don't know

That I have been scared.

I watch them laugh

And in my heart,

Tears fall silently.

My face does not show my sadness,

But it's there, buried under false smiles and fake words.

I am sad because

I am always left out; never included.

In my past life I was mercilessly teased,

Ridiculed because I told the guy I liked how I felt.

Now I am unable to talk to boys

Without feeling nervous, lonely and betrayed.

But I don't want your sympathy and sadness,

What I want is a friend.

Do not pity me unless you understand.

But how could you?

I've kept it all inside me;

My fear, my doubts, my lonliness and tears.

You would not know.

You have everything.

I want someone to find my tears

And steal them away,

Replace them with happiness.

If you love me

And you don't want to lose me,

Please do this one thing;

Make me happy.