I grew up so quickly, at least that's what they say

But ever since I found out the truth, nothing has been okay

The days go by so slowly, it's like time doesn't move at all

The only reason I go on living, is to maximize my fall


I can't believe all the shit that life throws my way

It wouldn't seem so bad to anyone listening to me

But everyone has pain that they lock deep inside

So why should it be different, just let me be free


I sit here all alone, waiting for the storm to come

I can't wait for the moment when all of this is done

It takes so much strength for me to take every breath

When I know that every breath of life is leading me to death


So watch as the rain sweeps its way towards my room

I sit here more than patiently, watching the progress of my doom

The wind is blowing harder, every living creature runs to hide

But there's a few that are like me, who get prepared to race outside