The rhythmic sound of the rain fall
Reminds me of the night we learned to dance
For all the "You weren't here for me"s
We both know that I never left

The consistent beating of heads against the wall
The monotony of breathing in this toxic air
For all the times you yelled "You're worthless!"
Who'd have known I'd cost so much at auction?

As the pitch in your tremolo voice switches
We sway from one side to another and back
We keep trying to walk the straight and narrow
But they say we're dancers at heart baby

And salvation's just on that hill
But we don't feel like climbing, do we?
And clarity's just beyond the clouds
Well today I'm your "heavy" brother, man

The violin melts into cello
The trumpet bursts into tuba
The drums turn to steel
The band keeps the song

We found ourselves buying things we "need"
We heard ourselves singing songs we "loved"
We saw ourselves living the way we "want"
We felt ourselves dying in the house we "lived"

The guitar loses distortion
The bass turns high
The singer starts to scream
The band keeps the song

For all the times you said "I'm worthless"
Who'd have known I'd pay so much for you?