Put me in a box
Put me in my place
Categorise me by
The shape of my face

What makes me me?
What makes you you?
You haven't even thought to ask
You haven't got a clue.

Blue eyes, blonde hair
Go and stand over there
Small nose, big ears
You belong in this line here

Stick me in a corner
Stand me in a queue
Cross-reference my body
And tell me what I'll do

Look at the lines that cross your palm
See your future's in them mom
Life line, love line, money owed
All on your hand, living barcode

Here are your lines
Here is your mask
Act as we direct
No questions asked

Stick a label on my box
Shut me in, heavy padlocks

Hat don't fit?
Wear it anyway
Stay in your group
don't dare to stray.

Don't ask why
Don't ask what for
Don't ever wonder if you can be more
Toe the line
Tip your cap
Don't dare think it's a load of crap
Don't dare think,
Bad for you
Follow orders
What we do.

Stay in your box
Wear your label
Old, female, black,
unemployed, gay, disabled.

Single word plus connotations
equals innaccurate generalisations

Give me a label
expect me to conform
behave manufactured,
not how I was born.

yeah rite.