Colors by writerforever

Their shadows dance on the wall

Their hearts beat as one

Their breath is one

Two lovers

Caught between what is right

And what is wrong

Two colors so different

Like night and day

Yet they are so alike


I hold you in my arms

My heart beats in rhythm with yours

I am afraid of the world

But brave for you


I left my home and family

Just to be with you

They all turned me away

When I shouted to the world

My love for you


They say we're wrong

They threaten to tear us apart

With their hate

They can't understand

The way I feel when I am with you

They can't understand

How when I look in your eyes

I am lifted up into the sky

They can't understand

That when we kiss

I feel as if I'm dancing on the clouds

They can't understand

How safe I feel with you

If they could understand

Then they'd know

Love is never wrong


Two lovers

Two colors

Torn apart

Both lying in each others' arms

Murdered by hate

Two lovers

Together forever

Two colors

Forming a rainbow

They have escaped by death

Now they are finally free from the world

And it's hate and greed