She's the one who cuts herself in pain
He's the one who drinks his hurt away
She's the one beats herself in hate
What's your secret? (What's your secret?)

He's the one the cops arrest at night
She the one; they blackened in her eye
He's the one who wills himself to die
What is your death? (What is your death?)

We all hide under a mask
So broken apart
We all shatter mirrored glass
Breathing in the shards

What do you hide in the dark?
What is below the surface?
What do you see in the shards?
What is your hidden secret?

She's the one who drugs herself to sleep
He's the one who drowns himself in screams
She's the one stays inside her dreams
What do you hide? (What do you hide?)

I'm the one who feels the tears you cry
I'm the one who looks into your eyes
I'm the one who asks about your life
What will I find? (What will I find?)


What dirty secret lies with you?
What makes you feel you have failed?
What dirty deed do you do?
It all must be unveiled

To our deepest fear
And make it appear

(Chorus 2x)