I'm living the life
Of a beggar on streets
Watching the rich
Gawking the glam

I'm living the life
Of love once wasted
The crush that happened
And never quite faded

Eating crumbs
Off the bins
Lowest of low
Horror of hells

I'm not 5ft,
I'm one decimeter
That's how it feels when
He see you later s

I'm living the life
Of a faded dream
The same old story
The same old scenes

There once was
The one I appreciated
Couldn't live without
ALL my emptiness-sated

I was full
Smiling, happy
Content, glad
Laughing, MYSELF


I'm living the life
Of something wasted
Left behind
After tasted

I'm loving the life
That's past history
of real friendship,
Simplistic sharing

It was one sided.
And still is.
(Everything's awkward)

I'm living a life
With no more bliss
Rotting inward from
Loving a memory.

The times I could spend
Talking to you for
Ages online and
Sharing that
You're not
There for me
True to yourself
You've changed and gone
But I'm still here
loving what I
of you
Still loving
YOUR memory,